Soluna motorized shades need help on how to integrate with SmartThings and Alexa

Hi I have been tasked with helping a family member make there motorized shades smart.

I have done several zwave lights garage door locks etc… but have zero to little knowledge of shades and the motor controls.

This is the one they are putting in and I know it’s going to be hardwired and it will have an rf remote with it.

Want it to work with existing smart things scenes and be able to use with Alexa.

Thank You

There are no straightforward integration possibilities with Norman window coverings: they use a bunch of proprietary technology. The fact that they don’t even have their own Alexa integration is a good sign that what you want to do is not going to be easy. :scream:

I don’t even see many possibilities with actuating their remote with a “robot finger;“ it has too many different buttons.

I would start by getting in touch with the manufacturer and asking them how they recommend using it with Alexa. That would give you a starting point.

At this point, there are a number of different motorized shade brands which can be used with smartthings, including Bali, Graber, and Lutron Serena, so most people are going to start with one of those. Retrofitting A proprietary system is going to be tricky.

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