[SOLD] (2) Lowe's Iris Smart Buttons - $8/each

(Kelly K.) #1

I’ve got two (2) Lowe’s Iris Smart Buttons for sale. My Zigbee network just isn’t stable enough for them.

$8 each, shipping included. PM me – first come, first serve.

edit: 3/5 sold
edit 2: ALL SOLD

(Garrett Hensley) #2

I’m curious what you mean by that?

(Kelly K.) #3

For some unknown reason, nothing except for lights will stay paired on my network. Some sensors will only stay on the network if it remains within a few feet of the hub. The buttons did work at farther distances but would have to be repaired or power cycled every few weeks because they’d just quit responding.

Recently I started to wonder if the GE Link lights we had (which would also fail periodically) were at fault. I replaced them all with Cree Connected bulbs, which seem to stay connected, but the other devices would still drop.

At this point Z-wave and WiFi have been the most reliable so we’re sticking with that. I haven’t had any issues with my Z-wave devices the entire time I’ve had them installed.

(Ron Talley) #4

PM Sent 10 Chars

( Cosmo) #5

Unless these things are within 5 to 10 feet of line of sight, if they don’t stay connected, if you have a bunch of zigbee repeaters, they work great.

(Kelly K.) #6

All are sold… thanks!