Software to use with Z-Stick

What are the recommended free software utilities that can be used with Z-Stick? What are their strengths and weaknesses?
I tried ZenSys tools. It’s kinda kludge. The network map doesn’t show the names of the devices just assigns random numbers to devices, but no real way of knowing which device is which.

I don’t care to have it be a controller or do any automation with it (only use ST for that), but more to get more/advanced info about my network and devices.

I recently purchased a Z-Stick as well so that I could push firmware updates to Z-Wave devices since SmartThings does not yet support Over The Air (OTA) firmware updating.

I used Aeon Z-stick gen5 as a controller before switching to SmartThings…
-HomeGenie - I used this software and it has great environment for creating “smartapps” with python/ruby/c++. I was having trouble configuring devices and newer versions wouldn’t work. Smaller community to get help from.
-OpenHAB - this is most popular software in the past, I found it difficult to set up and stuck with HomeGenie
-HomeAssistant - this is a new and seems pretty popular but I didn’t try it since switching to HG.

I don’t know that any of these are going to help much with advanced info. Some are developing their own z-wave drivers/libraries. Some use OpenZwave

Some info on z-wave just opened up so hopefully this will help the open source controllers (???)

I am looking to do this same thing. Did you every find some software that was decide for retrieving device configuration, mapping, etc ?