So many Hubs!

I’m sure this has been asked an answered, but I’m new to SmartThings… Do you need to use the hubs for each brand of products in addition to the SmartThings hub? If no, how do you know which things that SmartThings will connect to directly without a hub?

I would recommend you start here.

Unfortunately, there is no real definitive answer "it depends"
Most of the z-wave products from other manufacturers can be directly connected to ST along with a lot of wifi products

If you take the ‘Hue’ lightbulbs for example
You can connect them directly with a bit of ‘tweaking’ but they also connect via the hue ‘bridge’ (hub) and for me seem to work better.

Are there specific devices you want to know about?
Perhaps I can help

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There’s also an article in the community – created wiki that should help. :sunglasses:

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I have it… But should it work with the Phillips Hue lights directly? I
have the Phillips hub as well. And it can’t seem to communicate with the
Sylvania bulb directly (one I cannot get gateway to work)

I don’t have any Hue bulbs myself but there are plenty of users here that do. I believe most of them prefer to have their Hue bulbs connected to the Hue bridge.