So if I buy a new SmartThings device off the shelf right now

Would I have issues with using new devices with the SmartThings Hub, given the Edge driver update implementation (still in progress?)…


I have not had any major issues with my home (which has over 60 devices) for more than a year now. I have one or two devices that have not yet been converted to Edge, but all the devices are now handled locally, which provides an instant automation response.

A better question might be … do you want to get Matter devices if they are available or wait until they are available. :slight_smile:


Do you mean a SmartThings brand device? Or a device from a third party company whose product description says it is compatible with SmartThings? Or a device from a third-party company where you found a blog or a forum post prior to March this year that says it is compatible with smartthings?

Basically it all comes down to the first rule of Home automation: “the model number matters.“

Some devices which used to work with the old smartthings architecture no longer work with the new one, or have limited functionality. :disappointed_relieved:

Some devices work just fine, in part because of community created edge drivers. :grinning:

And there are some devices which didn’t used to work with the old architecture, but now do, again typically because of community created edge drivers. Or because they support Matter, like the Eve smart plug. :tada:

So there’s no one Universal answer to this, it really comes down to each individual device.

If you’d like to list some specific devices, or some specific device classes, we can say more.