Smoke Detectors That Can Be Hardwired

Is there a Smoke Detector/CO2 Detector that works with ST and can also be hardwired for backup power? I’d like to replace my existing smoke detectors but I want to use the existing hardwiring of my home as well.

Nest Protects come in a hardwired configuration and they will work with Nest Manager 2.5 though not officially supported by ST. I have 9, work great.

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I know this is not exactly what you are asking for but wanted to share as a potential option:

The Nest Protect uses proprietary wireless interconnect (not the third wire). I’m not aware of any other hardwired alarms that can be connected without additional hardware. There are a couple potentially in the works from Birdi and Halo Smart Labs. They are both 1+ years behind their original anticipated availability dates, so I wouldn’t wait if your need is urgent. You can also use devices like Leeo to communicate through IFTTT.

He was asking about backup power not the interconnect which is why I included the nest protect.

It really pisses me off that my $99 smoke detectors won’t use the interconnect wire to play well with other detectors.
In some locations the Protects would never pass inspection because they don’t have a hard wire way to communicate.
The odd part is that the pin is there so I wonder if the cable had the third wire if it would work?!

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Shouldn’t be too hard to try.

The Fibaro Smoke Sensors (only smoke, sorry not CO2) appear to support hardwire connect, anyone tried these?

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They look very cool

This would be bad-ass if they had “capability.speechSynthesis”.

just think… “The front door has opened.”

def contactHandler(evt) {
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I gather you can detect a contact closure using the Schlage Contact Sensor, instead of triggering it using the magnet. This is not obvious from the Schlage manual. Where can I find out how to do that?

What I’m really after is a wired (interconnected), powered smoke detector to replace my First Alert 7010B, but that can connect to SmartThings.

I understand your post is more than 2 years old; I’m hoping you’re still there.

Correct… here is a picture of how to wire it:

I am not aware of a device that is a wired smoke alarm and can connect to SmartThings at the same time. You will need to get the relay (see post I linked) and a z-wave contact sensor with external contacts. Ecolink now makes a z-wave plus version and I just replaced my schlage sensor with it:

Thanks for your quick reply. That gives me the answer I needed. Obviously I could choose the Normally Open or Normally Closed contact to alarm on either Door Open or Door Closed.

I had thought about using the FortrezZ MIMOlite interface module to respond to a relay closure, but using the Schlage Door Alarm seems to be a cheaper, and simple, alternative, even though it isn’t advertised for that purpose.

There seems to be a missing product here - how about an inexpensive Z-Wave device that would accept 8 binary inputs? You could use that for all sorts of stuff.

Sorry… I may have no idea what I am talking about… but an Arduino device may be what you are looking for. (I have never used one or know any details…)

I wired a kidde relay add-on to my kidde detectors that were already wired together in the house. I ran the signal lines from the relay to my alarm control panel…which is the actually the solution. (Esp8266/NodeMCU) The kidde relay ran about $12-$15 and the ESP8266/nodeMCU ran $10. ST now notifies me if any of the detectors go off. It doesn’t tell me which one.