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SMH and Triggers

(Bill Stefanelli) #1

I’m new to ST, about 3 weeks or so and found this community a huge help. Things are working really well, I am surprised at how easily problems were resolved just by looking here - so thanks! This question has likely been asked a thousand times though I can’t find it specifically. Can I use SMH to trigger actions, like turn on a light when a sensor alerts? Or is all of that interaction a combo of SMH and routines? Currently I use Smart Alarm but I see its no longer being supported. I saw a post recommending SMH + Rule Machine, then saw Rule Machine is no longer supported. So I’d like to go pure ST supported apps, just looking for a nice way to make it work. Not against community apps though if there is a currently supported better option.



Welcome! The only official way what’s built into SHM itself.

There used to be an “alert with lights” option in SHM, then it went away for a little while, and I don’t know whether it has come back or not. It’s still listed in the official knowledge base:

If you want something more flexible, CoRE ( The community – created replacement for rule machine) has an SHM trigger feature. :sunglasses:

(Bill Stefanelli) #3

Thank you! A saw articles on CoRE but I will admit I was unsure if what it was. My newness with some of the language. I will definitely give this a shot!

(Jimmy) #4

SHM still has Alert with Lights

(Bill Stefanelli) #5

Damn, It’s right there as plain as day. I amaze myself with my own blindness somethings. Thanks!

(Bill Stefanelli) #6

Just to close the loop I installed CoRE and couldn’t be happier, amazing tool from the community. The developers should be extremely proud!

(Jimmy) #7

don’t tell @ady624, his head won’t fit out the door much longer :yum: