SmartTiles v5.8: Deployed to Blue & Green Editions. Release notes, etc. (follow this Topic for updates...)

Bridaus goes nekkied on the internet without his firewall and virus scanner? (No armor or musket?)
I can’t believe it!

I agree with the tightening of security but I hope V6 will have other mechanisms. I regularly send the OAuth link to a Guest r/o panel to my neighbours when we’re away and that way they can check the house any time they see something around/in the house.
Sending them a link and login info makes it less convenient for the non-tech savvy to watch the house.


so if you have the green version will we get the update too?

Everyone will get this update. We handle the deployment of Blue version, ST will update the Green one.

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ah thanks!

Thanks for your understanding of the necessity of this change for V5! Complication of the “share for guests” use case is one we still agonize over.

The good thing is that I can absolutely* assure you that V6 handles this case and much more. Multi-User, multi-Location, etc., etc., with sharing and security are core features of V6, and the result of an elegant architecture that @625alex and I designed and he implemented.

* OK… one major disclaimer. All security related features (actually, all functions!) of V6 are subject to approval by SmartThings. We are keeping them posted regularly, but they can’t / won’t commit to permitting anything on purely design-specs or proof-of-concepts at this time. While we will be managing security externally through industry-standard best-practices (and will be open to third-party audits), we have no control over what SmartThings will or will not allow SmartTiles to do.

I have finished up the release and started deployments to Blue edition users on NA01 Shard, Dashboards in slots #2 and #3.More deployments probably later today.

The Dashboard (child) SmartApp will show version: v5.8.0-NA01+032-Blue or similar.
SmartTiles (Connect) has not been updated at the time of this writing. It won’t change much.

Please email: if you have an urgent problem.

@625alex and I are watching for issues.

:warning: :arrow_right: The most likely problem you may experience is an “invalid token” or similar.

In this case, you probably need to fetch your new URL from inside the SmartThings mobile App, under your list of SmartApps, find “SmartTiles (Connect)”, drill into the child Dashboard, and use the “View Dashboard & URL / URL” option. Select / Copy / Paste your new URL into browser or email it to yourself.

##Help Page(s)

Draft new Help pages are linked directly from within the V5.8 SmartApp. Most link to this new usage guide help page – it needs some work :hushed:

Thanks everyone.

I am a little confused regarding this update. My SmartTiles Connect looks like this: But I don’t see a child app anywhere even in the IDE. What am I looking at wrong?

@joelw135, I believe the child apps are the individual dashboards accessible from the main/parent app.

@tgauchat, I am having a problem trying to access my second dashboard from the Shortcut I made from “add to home-screen”. I get an authorization error, even though i logged in to authorize it before adding it my home-screen. Also “resourceunathirized” is missing a space between words in the message alert.

OK, then mine hasn’t been updated as of yet. since my child app still says V5.7

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Hi Darc… The “resourceunathirized” message is directly from SmartThings cloud; we can’t correct the spelling or spacing.

Regarding why your dashboard isn’t working however…

  • You need to bookmark or add to Home screen before pressing Launch and logging-in. ie, you need to bookmark or add the “” URL.

Let me know if that’s what you did? Thanks!

I missed that step in the instructions, so I can get it to work for now. I understand the security change, just little sad to have to click twice to get to the desired dashboard.

Also it seem the iPhone is one of the exceptions to opening in full screen mode.

  1. Yup, it’s disappointing. But you can save one click, maybe, by adding “&wait=1” to end of URL to make SmartTiles Laucher automatically redirect when it is opened. Press STOP to give you time to bookmark.

  2. I’m not sure about iOS and full-screen. This shouldn’t be different than before the update though!

Which URL code should I use for my dashboard links? I think that was part of my mistake…

The bookmark / Home Screen / Desktop shortcut URL needs to be of the form:<yourshard>&label=Anything&wait=<seconds>

Label and Wait are optional.

But you’re right … Home screen icon opening to full screen Safarimode is not working for me either at this time. Looking into it.

We think we have a fix, testing it now.

@DarcRanger: Full screen mode for “Home Screen” pinned SmartTiles Launcher URLs is working now, please test.

(It is a known issue on iOS … for some odd reason, Apple doesn’t like you opening links within the “web app full screen window” like normal OS’s do… Lots of pretty easy solutions though…

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If I use the above link with my info of course the problem is each time I want to display that dashboard either directly or as a link on my main ST dashboard, I have to click the launch button. Is there no way to direct link anymore?

Sorry just caught the seconds option at the end. But still sucks no way to go directly to the page but oh well could be worse. :slight_smile:

I LOVE Smartiles! I HATE Smartthings.

@alex (Alex Hawkinson) you broke SmartTiles. It worked awesome. It made up for your programs shortcomings. It made Smartthings actually useable. Now your new requirements broke it. I can no longer click a button on my phone and bring up a screen with all the tiles that I think are important. Tiles that were in the order, color, style, size, and with the icons that I chose. I can no longer open a useable dashboard with one click.

At this point with your new “security requirements” I can’t even open SmartTiles at all. I either get the revoked token error message at the old URL, or the misspelled grammatically incorrect “resourceunathirized” (what genius is responsible for that?) error message from Smartthings at the new URL. I don’t need your extra security. My security was fine. I kept my phone in my possession, my wife’s phone in hers, and secure lock screens on each.

FIX IT! I put up with all the crap from the last few months including being notified while halfway around the world that my garage door was open and having to make an international phone call to my neighbor to confirm that it wasn’t. I figured things would get straightened out and get better. Guess I was wrong.

Not to mention how pissed off my wife is…


I sent you a PM so we can get you sorted out. :slight_smile:

@625alex and I empathize with you (and all the SmartTiles users out there…). I just picked my sleeping iPad with SmartTiles running and it went right to “resourceunauthorized” (correctly spelled, in my case, but no space…). :anguished:

Please be sure to send me an email or Private Message if we can help walk through the details and figure out how to make your configuration as stable as possible, despite the current limitations or restrictions of the platform.

###In general…

Per the post(s) above, SmartTiles v5.8: Deployed to Blue & Green Editions. Release notes, etc. (follow this Topic for updates...) , etc., please make sure that you have bookmarked / pinned to Home Screen or Desktop, the URL for the SmartTiles Launcher as this will be the quickest way into each Dashboard. This link is based on the Dashboard’s “app_id” … which you can get from digging through the IDE for your installed SmartApps, but we provide the full URL in the SmartApp config pages in the mobile App under “View Dashboard & URL”.


label and wait are optional; but &wait=0 is a perfectly safe parameter to use for the actual bookmark, as it will right jump through SmartTiles Launcher directly to the Login page – or to the actual dashboard page if a Login session is still active and valid.

If you are still using a Tokenized URL, you can’t mix a tokenized URL with a Launcher/Login based URL without risking authorization errors; so if you have multiple dashboards, be sure to “Revoke Token” on all of them. It’s a tiny bit less painful if you do it quickly :scream:.

NA01 Blue Edition has been fully updated with v5.8.0.
NA02 Blue Edition has been fully updated with v5.8.0.
EU01 Blue Edition has been fully updated with v5.8.0.
All Regions Green Edition have been fully updated with v5.8.0.

I just logged in again on the iPad using the stored password, and the dashboard opened, but I got an error testing the “Logout” Tile; so we a few bugs that I hope we can iron out in cooperation with SmartThings (@slagle, @jody.albritton, @dlieberman).

At this point we are not sure what parts of the new login workflow will be stuck in awkward mode and what parts, if any, we might be able to smooth out some more.

Yah, I realize the irony :arrow_right: SmartTiles isn’t supposed to be a “**work**flow”, I know. :weary:.

Try to look on the bright side? :pensive::sunny: … This is giving @625alex and myself lots of incentive to get SmartTiles V6 ready as soon as possible … definitely not saying that we were delaying V6 completion on purpose, though! We just might have to cut it’s Beta shorter than I’d like – or figure out how we can invite more folks earlier; … dunno. :thinking:


Best smartthings smartapp!!! Keep up the great work.


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