SmartTiles v5.8: Deployed to Blue & Green Editions. Release notes, etc. (follow this Topic for updates...)

What about android?

Geko’s link is not our App.

Please stay tuned to


Ooops… my bad. I though you guys switched to Windows. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’ve set up a dashboard with some Thermostats. The thing is that they are software (virtual) thermostats. The tiles in the Smartthings app points to methods for increasing and decreasing the temperature and they trigger when I use the app.

But I really can’t see any response from the thermostats when i press up and down in Smarttiles? How are those events mapped to the thermostat? Is there sent some kind of event, or does it map to the actions on the tiles in the Smartthings app?


What are you using for a virtual thermostat? I want one. :slight_smile:

I’m working on a custom setup which is a really early version. It’s working stable at home though.

You can see the SmartApp here . You can test if you want to, but remember to install the thermostat device handler from the same repo. :slight_smile:

I also recently saw this setup (but I think it requires real thermostat devices), that I’ve been wanting to test. [BETA RELEASE] Multi-feature Programmable Thermostat SmartApp

Let me know if you test mine and have any quesitons, but do it in PM or a new thread so we don’t hijack this one. :slight_smile:

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Any updates on release date?

It has gone very quiet after the tease 18 days ago.

That is why I am asking, how long do we have to wait?

Please follow this thread for ActionTiles release announcement:


Has anyone figured a way to display a .SWF Flash movie into one of the SmartTiles video streams? Specifically, something like:

SmartTiles doesn’t really have a way of dealing with plug-ins such as Flash. The HTML tag to support video is pretty bare-bones. We’re trying to fancy-it-up in future versions of ActionTiles, but it will be incremental and the road-map has not been laid out.

###Important Alert added to the SmartTiles Blog:

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I just setup smarttiles, and it’s really pretty cool. Only problem is the clock tile shows the wrong timezone. My smartthings hub is set right, so the events log is ok, but I can’t figure out how to tell smarttimes to change the tile time zone.

Any ideas?

The Clock Tile currently only shows the time of the clock on your browsing device (Tablet, PC, etc.).

Make sure your system timezone is set correctly?

Odd, I was traveling internationally a few days ago, but I’ve been back in
the states for a few days. If I view the dashboard on my laptop the time
is right, it’s bad from my phone browser. I’m not why. Oh well.

Not sure why either… but; may be worth rebooting your phone now that you’re back in your home Timezone?

@tgauchat From the issue from the css topic. Here is the screen shot of the error I get with the preview option and/or the “get launcher” option.

I get this same error on the current link on any browser with the link I was using before.

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Exactly the same as @Controlbreak. I tried two different accounts on two different devices Android 5.0.2 and 6.0. I also tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling.

I deleted a dashboard and created a new one. That is when I discovered the issue. I have five dashboards installed.

Can you describe this part in extreme detail please?

SmartTiles does not use any sort of “token” when accessed via the Launcher URL.

So I need to know exactly what is different in the behavior you now observe compared to the past, when using an existing previously functional Launcher URL.

I’ll be honest here guys… We have not changed anything - not a single byte - of SmartTiles since the release of v5.8 over a year ago.

Whatever problem you are encountering is likely due to a change on the SmartThings platform. I have not been able to reproduce it given the descriptions so far. The problem would be conceivably related to the ActionTiles, Amazon Echo, Google Home, etc. outage experienced by SmartThings on past Friday evening.

Perhaps @slagle has some ideas?

While we still are “officially” a few days away from the announced “April 15th” date for withdrawal of SmartTiles support, the universe appears to want to rush that along. I’m not inclined to fight it; we simply don’t have the resources.