SmartTiles v5.8: Deployed to Blue & Green Editions. Release notes, etc. (follow this Topic for updates...)

Not anymore, due to changes we were required to implement by the request of SmartThings.

SmartTiles “V6” will restore and enhance “dashboard sharing features” (with limited permissions, etc.) at some point after public release.

Hi @tgauchat, thanks for the response. I uploaded the device type to GitHub:

I haven’t had a chance to test with Chrome or Firebox as mentioned, will try that when home from work this evening. But I did add a few debug lines in the on/off methods and see that each is called by both SmartThings and SmartTiles. The currently committed code works for SmartTiles, as it calls the “on” method when in an off state. SmartThings does the opposite so even though the icon still represents the state correctly (showing its off), it calls the “off” method.

Hope you can see what I am missing… thanks a lot!

Thanks… well… there’s one obvious atypical coding, though it shouldn’t directly affect SmartTiles:

###The “state” to “actions” settings of the standardTile are backwards.

If state = on then the action when tapping the SmartThings Tile should be to call action:

If you’ve coded this standardTile the “wrong way” for a reason, then that “reason” is likely why SmartTiles is not consistent with SmartThings for this DTH.

###In other words: Don’t DO THIS…

According to the definition of Capability “Switch”, the on() command must always turn a device ON, not “so turn it off”; and similarly for the off() command.

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I’m an idiot, that was it… thanks for spotting that. So SmartThings uses these “actions” on button click while SmartTiles I assume just sends the logical command :). Thanks so much, appreciate your time (and great work with SmartTiles)!

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@tgauchat - in V6 are you planning to have the ability to wake up a tablet display based on motion sensed by the tablet’s camera?

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We give users the ability to run in their favorite browser; and we don’t have access to the camera or other hardware functions.

So… try Tasker or similar, or use a browser like Fully Kiosk which includes this ability!

###Many, many good discussions on these configurations at Topic:

V6 is a Web App, just like the current version. Technically, it’s not possible to wake a device from a browser.

Not to contradict my esteemed partner, but, a bit more accurately, Fully Kiosk Browser and other value-add Android Apps (and perhaps some for iOS?) absolutely can “wake the device”.

It is just not within the direct ability of the web pages / web “apps” that run inside the browser and maintain compatibility across many browsers … yet.

Chrome (etc.) are actually exposing more and more “hardware access” abilities to their browsers! The browser can report GPS location to web-apps, for example, and Chrome has “USB port” access controls in their Settings menu – but I haven’t seen web pages directly access USB yet. So … the future is bright! :sunny:


Thanks. I was hoping to get by with not using Fully & Tasker, but I will now dig in to them.

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I too am getting this non-action after the ST update :rage: Is this the end for v5.8 ??? @tgauchat

Please bear with us while we investigate and come up with a solution.


For reference, this is occurring on my W10 PC. I have another dashboard on wife’s Android phone with the old token working, it is still working. No sign on required.

I have added an Outage Notice to the SmartTiles website while we investigate.

The notice post & Twitter will be updated as we get more information.

We have marked this as Resolved. Please add posts if you’re still experiencing this issue.


It seems to be working again for me. Tested several times :grinning: Thanks!!!

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Hey guys, wondering if someone could help me with “multi button tile” in SmartTiles.
i have added a device handler for my Roomba 980. It recognize the device and when clicking on it in ST i get a 5 options menu (Clean/Spot/Home/Etc/Etc).
Currently i have added it to Smart Tiles as a “Switch” and it does send my roomba to clean and stop. But i am wondering how can i add an option tile same as routine or Status for an example… if i click on the routine tile i get a new popup menu with my routines, same as for the Status (Home/Away/Arm etc)…
is there a way to add a new tile to have it open na new menu and show me all my Roomba options?
thank you.

Unfortunately, the SmartTiles / ActionTiles platform currently has no easy way of supporting non-standard Device Type Handlers (i.e., Devices that don’t conform exactly to the published listed of Capabilities in the Developer Documentation).

We might hand-code some very popular non-conforming Types, but probably only if they are published by SmartThings. We might also take on custom Consulting projects, but the fees would not be cheap as this would divert our effort from our core customer base.

###For your situation, MASE, I recommend two possibilities:

  1. Add a Routine for each option and then these will show up in the list of available Routines. We are likely to add “Routine Tiles” (i.e., individual Tiles to run a Routine) sometime in the foreseeable future.

  2. Create Virtual / Simulated Switches or Momentary Device instances, sync them to the Roomba functions in the various possible ways (including CoRE and other SmartApps out there), and then add those as regular Switch or Momentary Tiles to SmartTiles.


Here’s the mail I got recently for my problem
Disable QUIC Protocol
in URL write “chrome://flags/#enable-quic Protocol” and hit Enter,
if will be selected as Default, now click on that drop-down and select Disabled,
now click on Relaunch in bottom.

  1. Update the system Time
  2. Disable unknown or unused extensions
  3. Check if there is restrictions on Firewall or not.

If you error is still not solved, or getting other SSL error please visit <ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR – Fix by deskdecode>

I too use glimpse, did you find a workaround?

At this point, V6 (“ActionTiles”) is close enough to feel its warm breath… and it eliminates login issue completely.

We encourage folks to not spend too much effort on v5.8 workarounds. They will not be applicable to ActionTiles.

One major “must have” feature is being wrapped up and Beta’d, then we’ll announce release date. SmartThings has officially approved us (Works With SmartThings designation!) so that’s a big uncertainty that is resolved!

ie, I’m very tempted to announce the date that we will announce the date on! :wink:

I haven’t had to login on 2 of my tablets in days! I simply had tasker wake up the tablet every 15 minutes. There is enough activity in the tiles to keep the session alive in the minute before it goes back to sleep.

I simply run the same task that I use to wake up the screen on motion.

It’s easy: create a Taker profile. Select time. Uncheck the from and to. Check the repeat and configure. Then tell it to run the task you created to wake up the tablet. This one:

I was using IP Webcam Pro as a motion detector, but it wouldn’t stay in the background. So I switched back to Motion Detector and all is well.

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