Honeywell thermostat - dual mode DTH missing (Actiontiles)

My previously bullet proof ST/AT/Honeywell integration is on the fritz. Apparently the dual mode tile is no longer available? What do those of you using the 9xxx series have showing in IDE for the handler?

Anyone else having trouble getting dual mode tiles for this in ActionTiles?

Same here. THere is a thread I opened over a AT, but no resolution yet. Had something to do with Honeywell changing the APIs or something.

Sigh… thanks. So many vendors… mine was all working. Then my therms stopped responding to Alexa (not a deal breaker).

As part of troubleshooting and such, divorced Honeywll and removed the devices from AT and rejoined… nada….

“placeholder” what the what? I wonder if its just a matter of changing the DTH to add dual….

I’m a DTH virgin other than importing……

Good to meet you

Good to meet you too!

I did the same, removed it all and readded. Changed the DTH and ended up with seperate Heat and Cooling tiles as my best option. I have also noticed that adjusting one or the other will not push the other out of the deadband like it use to. Now I have to adjust both if I am up against the deadband.