SmartTiles Dashboard 5.4.2 - July 13 (

Could it not be setup such that the calls to get the history aren’t made until they are actually requested?


Ir justo make another dashboard link justo forma “device-historys”

And btw, i belive @625alex should make an official SmartTiles developers group, so he doesn’t have to do everything lol open source ftw

I’ll look into doing that, but I’m not sure how simple that will be to implement. I’m not 100% comfortable with the framework Alex is using, so I’m not sure I can make it dynamically query the data like that.

Plus, there are a couple of other usability concerns. What types of ‘devices’ should I show history on? Right now it’s only Contact and Presence sensors. How can I show history for switches (whose “Action” when you click the tile is already to toggle the switch).

By moving Event History to a separate app/page, we can add a link-tile to Alex’s dashboard (similar to links to other dashboards) so it’d look pretty native. Plus I could add filtering and sorting that’d make it useful. Basically, the only downside I can think of is that it’d be a pain in the butt to install both apps together.

Effectively presentation of device attributes on tiny tiles is exactly the type of UX problems I’m dealing with. The GUI portion of SmartTiles takes a lot more effort than ST end.

Jay, if you want to give it a stab, you can show the history within the same smart app, but in a different page. Then, you can add tiles/links to cross link the two pages of the same app. Look at link() method as an example.

We had some discussion last summer with @Ben and this is the exact gap I wanted SmartTiles to fill.


Some good information here. I will also be adding a tutorial on the home page.

I will add it to my to-do list. I personally, don’t feel the difference in .5 degree difference.

I thought of that. The problem is that some LED lights don’t function properly on lowest dimmer level. Also it’s very difficult to select the exact value on a small tile.

I considered doing a skewed logarithmic slider with values 1, 2, 3, 4 evaluating to 5%. 7%, 10%, 20% etc, but I’m not sure it’s the best way to go.

Yeah, it’s on my to-do list. It will have to be a separate tile from weather, since Weather Tiles is not exposing much information.

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Is there a way to remove the gray border from the MJPEG camera?

Great idea! We can have a web conference every other week and I will be handing out batches.


This is a functional area for which the interface may have to get fancy… Drilling through a tile into the ST App to set a dimmer is a pain, but perhaps if SmartTiles would expand upon double-tap (or?) so that more granular dim level and other typical drill-ins could be set, a balance of functionality vs. complexity could be achieved.

It’s worth taking time to sketch out several UI mockups and different ways before this rather major enhancement.

Some support from the SmartThings guys would be great, but they look very busy lately, :sunny:


+1 , but wrong thread lol ask in the SmartTiles customization thread

I understand that some bulbs/dimmers have issues at lower settings, but that shouldn’t mean that every dimmer needs to suffer because of this, the easy fix is for people to just not set the dimmer that low. Alternatively starting it at 5% might suffice.

I do agree that the slider can be tricky to get perfect, but with something like a dimmer (as opposed to a t-stat setting), it doesn’t need to be set exactly (if we are talking about adjusting in 1% increments). I don’t think setting the slider at 5% increments would be difficult to use.

@625alex I have some experience with UX/UI design, I’ll do some mockups to see how this can be improved even more :smiley: until now looks and works great, could you share your to-do list to see what to work with ?


[quote=“625alex, post:153, topic:12512”]
Jay, if you want to give it a stab, you can show the history within the same smart app, but in a different page. Then, you can add tiles/links to cross link the two pages of the same app. Look at link() method as an example.
[/quote]I like this idea a lot. In particular, the /list page has the styling I want to use as well. I’ll see how difficult it is to copy that page for device ‘history’ (seems pretty easy).


You can do accordion type of thing. Note that list page uses Jquery UI, not Jquirey Mobile.

Is there a way to have this run in a single tab in Chrome of Firefox? I’ve got this setup on my tablet via tasker and motion detector, but each time it runs, it opens a new tab.

Awesome dashboard though! Love it… can’t wait to get more things on it… and I think I need more tablets for the house!

Is your tablet rooted? If it is, then just use the motion detector to wake the screen instead of calling the URL.

I use motion detector with Tasker and Secure Settings app.