SmartTiles Dashboard 5.4.2 - July 13 (

This is an awesome front end! It looks beautiful on my PC on Chrome and on Firefox, but on IE11 the display is totally messed up. Has anyone else seen this? Any tips for fixing? Thanks in advance!

Just thought I’d share something I did for my SmartTiles. I had a hard time remembering that long URL that SmartTiles creates, so I used my WordPress site to make a custom URL for it using WordPress’s permalink structure. To secure the URL, I made a function for that page that checks the IP of the client and redirects to SmartTiles if it matches my home dyndns hostname IP. If anyone else were to stumble on that URL and their IP doesn’t match my home, they’ll get a 404.

If you have WordPress, and want to try something like this, here’s my quick write-up on it.


Thats super cool ^^^^

Need to read up on that!

I’ll share something that came in handy when setting up SmartTiles to be viewed on a Windows 7 PC touchscreen. I was getting tired of launching SmartTiles and having the Webbrowser come up in non full screen mode. It would show the address bar above , etc when first launched. So I continually had to press F11 to have the Chrome browser enter fullscreen mode. That got old quick.

Did some searching and determined that one can create a shortcut that launches the Chrome browser in Fullscreen or “kiosk” mode.

Here is the syntax of the Properties that would need to be used: (note that in the example below it assumes that your Google Chrome browser is installed in the default location. If this location is changed during install then modify the syntax to match the location) Also, include all the parentheses that are present below. They DO belong there!

“C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe” --user-data-dir=$(mktemp -d) --kiosk “enter full url of your SmartTiles path here”

After creating the shortcut one may add it to their startup group so that the SmartTiles interface is presented when Windows displays the GUI.

Hope this helps out.


Buy the US version of the ST Hub V2 and you are golden. PM me if you want help getting it and shipping it over.

This app is awesome… i am using it for Nexus 7 which I would like to mount as a central control.

I would like to have voice alert and command. I am currently testing all solutions.

I want to setup motion to turn on screen when someone walk by.

i will also use the front camera a security camera.

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Voice alerts are possible with @ule 's awesome DLNA Media Renderer .

Voice commands are possible with SharpTools, AutoVoice and Tasker. Search the community for setup guides.

Check out this thread for discussion on the topic.


As I said before, this is a niche feature and it’s not likely to be implemented in the near future. When I read a generic sensor value, i don’t know what 42 is and how to display it. Keep pushing ST to add more capabilities. I can’t imagine why they are holding back on this.

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I have tested on IE11 - 32bit version and there was no issue. PM with more details about your bug, I will take a look.

Who ever uses IE anyway?


I posted a new Comment in this regard here in the "Capability Types Suggestion Category.


Just added a minor News Item to the website today.

:soon: We expect to make a slightly bigger announcement in the near future (no not Version 6 yet, sorry everyone :hushed: … gotta make sure to get that release done right!).

To directly get the latest SmartTiles News alerts (like this one), add the page feed to your favorite RSS tracker/reader! The RSS XML Link is:

If you don’t have an RSS reader; click this direct link to the use the free feedly service.

And/or follow the SmartTiles Twitter feed, tweet tweet, tweet… :bird: @SmartTiles


Anyone got this working with the UK Smartthings oauth

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As far as I know, no UK Web Services SmartApps work yet due to ongoing authorization issues. I wish SmartThings would share the details… Is it a problem with key synchronization between US and EU servers? Some other mystery? … @slagle?

This was discussed at Wednesday’s developer meeting.

When SmartThings expanded geographically, they found a problem with oath across multiple AWS servers. It is also an issue in the States as SmartThings attempts to expand regionally (ala multiple v2 hub users). No resolution was in sight but we were assured engineers were working hard to come up with a solution.

Isn’t this a “known issue” with AWS, then? ie, haven’t other services encountered and resolved a similar challenge?

I would think so…

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FAQ1: What are the URL options for SmartTiles?

FAQ2: What are the options I can set for SmartTiles?

FAQ3: How can I move the location of tiles around on the display?

Any other FAQs for the new V6 page for the new Communications Guru?

  1. There are no official URL options except for the ability to remove the “access_token=xxxx-yyyy...” parameter which would force you to login with your SmartThings email and password periodically per SmartThing’s session expiration policy. Well… that and “&t=x” may be appended to the URL, where x is a size override value for the tiles. Numbers from 50 to 150 are worth trying. Doubt much smaller or bigger will be helpful. Tiles are based on a square grid, so there is only one dimension available; e.g., “&t=50”.

  2. All the SmartTile options are in the Configuration (SmartApp preferences) screens that you can page through by finding the SmartTiles SmartApp Instance in the SmartThings native mobile App. Nothing can be “configured” using the actual browser based dashboard.

  3. Tiles can only be ordered into a sequence (just like the old SmartThings “Things View”). The order is done via drag and drop in the SmartApp Preferences Page “Preferences / Device Order”.

  4. We are not releasing any official details for V6 until it has gone through Beta testing (which hasn’t even started yet, and we don’t know when that will be either). i.e., no dates, no features, no promises = no disappointments; we hope :wink:.

Most of the above information is already, fittingly enough, on the “Information” page:

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Trying to get this working on my wife’s phone. Where does the access token go so she doesn’t have to type in the user and password each time. Thx

You can grab the full URL again from the SmartTiles SmartApp’s configuration/“SmartTiles URL” Section:

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Thx a lot she’s all set up now and happy!