Smarttiles Dash Icons on Android Tablet issue


I am trying to customizing my CSS to include some icons for some specific devices.

I tired to use different icons from different locations, like and some recommendation from this templates

The icons shows just fine in the web browse using PC, but when I open the web page using the Android tablet (Samsung Galaxy) the icon is not showing up.

There are some icons that work, but the majority is not working on tablet. All icons works fine on the PC browser.

Is there any specific configuration or specific requirement for icons?

PS: Font Awesome works without any problem


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Best to ask this in the existing Topic below where the experts will see it…

Try refreshing the page. Sometimes icons will disappear on me and if I refresh they come back (this occurs on my desktop using Chrome even). For me, it only occurs on my custom icons. Like you, the Font Awesome works flawlessly.

Which browser are you using? Is it up to date?

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