SmartTiles and SmartAlarm with PIN Arming

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So I am using the REST API function with SmartTiles to integrate a Momentary button configuration. I want to be able to click the button then put in the PIN. Is that possible at all?

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Really getting into “hack” territory here, unfortunately… You need more than one Momentary Button in order to do a PIN … I wrote a SmartApp for the Aeon Minimote (4 Buttons), so that’s worth considering ( Use Buttons As PIN Input (“Security Keypad”) e.g., Aeon Aeotec Minimote, ZWN-SC7 Enerwave 7 Button; trigger to Routines, lock/unlock, arm/disarm, mode, lights ); but there is no SmartTiles Tile type that matches a 4-Button Minimote at this time.

Rest assured that the PIN per Tile or Sub-Dashboard is a common feature request and thus high on our list for consideration of inclusion in V6 or as added feature post V6 release. We’ve even enhanced the feature request to consider that perhaps the PIN is only required if the SHM is “Armed”.

You could certainly experiment with opening an interim web page (via a Link URL Tile) that requests a PIN before passing the call onto Smart Alarm. SmartTiles would probably do a pop-up PIN pad instead.

In the meantime, well, … please password, PIN, pattern, or fingerprint protect the tablet / phone, I guess. NB: The SmartThings native mobile App does not logout automatically and does not even logout if you change your password from another device!

What kind of mobile device is this on (eg. iOS, Android)?

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I am using iOS for our phone devices but for the wall tablet it is a cheap android device from Amazon just for accessing the SmartTiles web interface. Think of it as a automation and security hub. My plan is to have one by the front door and one by our back door for letting dogs out at night to disarm.

I understand that the functionality isn’t there but I am looking for those who want to help develop this sort of functionality. I am by no means a coder but I am very tech savvy (network systems engineer by trade).

I love this community of users and how everyone has worked together to develop and fix/bandaid issues the ST Devs don’t or won’t fix. That is why I chose this platform after cutting my Home Security contract ties with ADT. I want to have the connect home with true security potential, I’m sure others share my vision and hopes.

Please tag and share with anyone who you think can help achieve this.


I assure you that SmartTiles “can achieve this” and we’re in the best position to do so, given that we have the resources of SmartTiles at our disposal.

Let’s spend a little more time definite exactly what would be the MVP (minimum viable product) form of this feature, so that we can consider delivering it in “proof-of-concept” or “beta” form, and then refine as it goes along for the ride with SmartTiles upgrades.

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A PINpad tile: shows 10 digit pad. When a correct pin is entered, does an action such as changing mode, turning on a switch (as with the minimote/pin app), and ideally allows changing which smarttiles screen/url is displayed there for x minutes.

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Not sure if this helps, but just knocked this together (not fully tested) if you create virtual momentary tiles (0,1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0 & Clear) then install the below in IDE… (Clear button is optional PIN entry re-sets 5 seconds after last button press) and you can specify the switch to trigger on…

Not sure if it’s what you are looking for but just wanted to have a play…

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Of course it does! But appreciate your modesty. :smile:

I actually tried to add it as a new SmartApp, FromCode, Save, and got this error message:
physicalgraph.exception.NotFoundException: Page Not Found
Is it actuallly a new devicetype or something?

I’m also curious about the multiple:false on the Trigger - any risks you see with multiple:true?

My intention is for an outdoor panel, where people either hit a PIN or identify themselves with a button for “Delivery” or “Visitor” etc. So I’m also curious about formatting on new buttons…

The first use case is quite different from the second, so I annotated your specs in the quote above.

I would add (or possibly even reduce) the first case to “execute a Routine”; but the simpler actions are not particularly hard to code.

One particular technical problem with doing this in Version 5 is it is difficult to do with a high degree of security. There are some architectural limitations. In V6, we are trying harder (and think we will succeed :wink:) to take this into account.

Off the top of my head, the security issue is particularly limiting for functionality of #2… i.e., changing front-end behavior/access after PIN has been input.

@Wheatridgetall It was more I wasn’t sure if that’s what you were asking, is this is a workaround of sorts :smile:

I’ve just got up to go to work and wont be back for another 14 hours, but can’t replicate your error on iPhone or Android, however I’m very new to this and only been coding groovy for a few of days!

Initially try deleting the app in IDE, and taking the new code I have just added V1.2

In V1.2 I have added 2 PINs (So you can have a guest PIN) if you mean to have visitor access without a PIN then I assume you could just use a normal button and a trigger in rule machine?

If you are still having issues once copying the new code can you open up live logging in IDE and let me know what error you are getting?

Sorry missed a couple of your questions, yes it’s a SmartApp and issue with multiple allowed = true, would be multiple people at the same time, what’s your use case for this? Potentially you could just install the app twice if you want to use multiple keypads

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Just updated the code again:

v0.3 - Fixed major error, added routines and custom seconds before reset
v0.4 - Added advanced option to require “Enter” button to be pressed to confirm PIN for additional security (optional)

(The major error was that all buttons were setup to populate 0)

Let me know if it does what you want…

EDIT: Updated to V0.4

Updated to Version 0.5 - more bug fixes identified after actually testing the changes introduced in the last version… No more versions for now unless anyone wants anything :slight_smile:

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RE: Pin Tile Protection.

I’d say allow us to PIN protect a tile INDEPENDENT of the SHM status. I too want to PIN protect one tile, but in my case I want to protect the ROUTINES tile (not the SHM tile and without regard to SHM status). In my case the ROUTINES turns off the SHM as well as performs other functions.

By giving tile level pin protection (without any other dependancies) you make the solution MUCH more flexible.

Indeed… Security option(s) granularity at the Tile Level is on the planned feature list for SmartTiles V6.

I hate to ask this but still somewhat new. I have created my smart app using your code and installed on my android device. How do I get the pin pad to the smart tiles?

Don’t “hate” to ask… Questions are always welcome! :smile:!

I’m not exactly sure I understand your question, though. If you are looking for a PIN/password protection to arm/disarm or protect other Tiles on your dashboard… that feature is not yet implemented.

Currently we recommend using the master PIN, password, or fingerprint protection on your mobile smartphone or tablet, and we remind you that the official SmartThings App does not have a PIN protection, nor any automatic logoff, and your logged in session remains active even if you change your password on another device.

Did that help?

Hi @GunGeek who’s code are you referring to… If mine, then mines a little bit hacky and only used to trigger a switch or routine, but you need to create virtual momentary tiles in IDE (as many as the number of number buttons you need), if you need to secure all tiles though the securest way is to add a pin to the device as @tgauchat states!

Instructions can be found here:

Have pasted below:



For use with SmartTiles - Use momentary switches / tiles to provide a method of PIN entry to disable your security system, in the absence of PIN entry existing within SmartTiles at present.

Security Notice


  • PINs are stored in plain text
  • You should not use your bank or phone PIN!
  • Stored PINs can be read from the app (although your security can probably be bypassed here too)
  • Stored PINs san be read from IDE

However most criminals breaking in to your house are unlikely to be the most intelligent of beings to bypass this and it’s strongly suggested that the smart things App is not installed on the device you are using to present SmartTiles.

Installation Instructions

1. Install the SmartApp

Log in to IDE, create new SmartApp from code, save and publish.

2. Create Momentary Switches

a. In IDE go to My Devices > + New Device
b. Enter the Name (This will appear in SmartTiles)
c. Enter Device Network ID - you can just make this up, but must be unique (I used PIN# replacing # with the button number)
d. Select Type “Momentary Button Tile”
e. Populate location & hub
f. Press create
g. Repeat for each switch (If you use the back button in your browser, all of the settings remain filled so you can just amend name and ID each time to save time)

3. Configure the SmartApp

a. Add the switches you have created to the assigned slots in the app, you don’t have to use all numbers if you just want a 4 digit number pad, Enter and Cancel are also optional and will work without.
b. Configure the triggers and PIN(s) - You can specify 2 PINs to trigger two switches or routines.

4. Configure SmartTiles

a. Add the switches as “Momentary Switches” to your desired SmartTiles Dash.

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What’s the status of including this in smarttiles?
This is exactly what I’m looking for
To be able to lockout the tiles once in armed mode so if you knock down the door you can’t turn the alarm off.
If this could work with smart alarm and let smart alarm work on smarttiles with a lockout that would be ideal since smart alarm allows for delays…

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It’s in the “ranked high” list of feature requests for ActionTiles.