Simple Minimote arm/disarm fob

I was looking for a solution to letting my neighbor disarm/arm SHM when caring for my pets while I am away…I know this solution is not the most secure, but it’s simple and it works.

I installed the minimote and the standard “Buttons” smart app. Then I configured two “routines”…one to disable SHM and another to enable it. Then I was able to go into the Buttons smart app under “Hello Home Actions” and execute the disarm routine when button 1 is pressed, and similarly run the enable routine for button 2. I also get a pushed SMS notification when either button is pressed.

So far it works great, and I think would be a good simple solution for entry by small kids.


Great idea and job, Greenway!

A long, long time ago I wrote a special SmartApp that is a variation of your usage.

This one takes it up a level and requires a sequence (PIN … of 2 to 9 presses) to be input on the Minimote for a bit of extra security. It makes it “two factor authentication” (i.e., the Minimote + the PIN).