SmartTiles (ActiON) - Which tablet OS?

Do people have any preference of using
iOS vs Android vs Windows for tablets.

I am heavily inclined towards iOS as my home is all apple devices with airplay etc. But as windows tiles UI fits with ActiON I am thinking if that is better option for mounting it on wall.

Works great on my iPad.

I’d hold off till Windows 10 comes out if you’re going down that path. For just SmartTiles I can’t imagine it really mattering. My one complaint with iOS is the “physics” scrolling. A lot of my “taps” are confused for a slight “slide” which results in a silly game of slide tap… I don’t really have fat fingers but iOS makes me feel like I do…

One of the nice things about smarttiles is it seems to work well with pretty much any of the operating systems supported by the regular smartthings mobile app. :blush:

Because I am quadriparetic, I only use iOS devices. Accessibility features are baked in at the operating system level and are the same no matter what device you’re using. This has not been true for android.

If you want a cheap tablet to be dedicated to smart tiles and not run anything else, there are android tablets for under $50. The cheapest iOS mini is about $99 now. So that would be a reason to pick android for a dedicated device, again assuming you didn’t need the iOS accessibility features.

So I think it’s just a matter of personal preference.

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If you have any Dropcams, Windows tablets (x86, not ARM) would work best for SmartTiles because they support Flash.

But I imagine your tablet is gonna be on your wall for years, so I would think about the future of home automation, not just SmartTiles. It’s quite possible that you’ll want HomeKit support in a few months, so I would go with iOS. That’s also the platform to go with if you want to conveniently airplay music to your speakers.

Agreed. If you are just looking at the core SmartTiles functionality then any OS works well.

As has been mentioned in other threads, Android offers a high degree of customization and there are some really cool setups that automatically light up tablets when a person walks up and some have voice command and voice announcement capabilities built in.

You can do some of these things in roundabout ways with iOS, but Android is really flexible for the tinkerer or “home hacker”.


That’s nice, I was thinking it’d be nice to only light up if someone is in front of it.