Temperature device recommendations

Posting here to see if there is any suggestions for devices that show temperature. I am in need of creating an automation for a Windows AC Unit. Basically if temperature gets above then run turn on the smartthings plug i already have to power on the Windows AC Unit, and when temperature gets below a certain degree turn it off. The Window AC Unit i have is kind of “dumb” in that i can set a “Cool to Cooler” range but once it gets to temperature if just turns off compressor but the fan keeps running nonstop so best way for saving power and noise is to have it just completely turn off when temperature is reached.

Anyway, since Samsung has given up hardware creation I have found a complete lack of devices for Smartthings now. For example, i purchased the Aeotec Trisensor thinking it could help me with this temperature sensing but its almost unuseable. It sends updated temperature about once every few hours, thats unacceptable in my use case. Motion is terrible on it also, says motion detected and stays like that for an hour plus before it clear itself to say no motion detected. I have used the custom device code found on these forums for the Trisensor to change its polling frequency to now update temperature every 5 minutes but battery went from 97% to 32% in one week.

I have original (before Samsung bought Smartthings) sensors that have motion that update instantly and reset after 1 minute. They also update temperature every 5 minutes and the battery lasts 9-12 months easily. (I have the “history” in the app to prove it). I have also researched the Fibaro Motion Sensor which has a temperature module on it too but i hear same complaints as the Aeotec Trisensor, it is slow to update.

Was Smartthings just ahead of its time in creating devices and no one else can compete? If i would of known they were stopping months ago i would of loaded up and bought a ton of there sensors. Seems there is a huge lacking of devices know that perform quick updates and long battery life. But maybe i’m missing something. Anyone have any suggestions for devices to try for Temperature or Motion/Temperature combos that poll atleast every 5-10 minutes with 1 year battery life like the original Smartthings Sensors?

Smartthings never did manufacture those sensors, they were created by third parties and then branded “smartthings.“

Those models are now being taken over by Aeotec, in many cases still manufactured by the same third parties, just now Branded Aeotec. They are expected to be on the market in a few months. So if you like those and you’re willing to wait, you should be able to get them again

And here’s the official announcement from smartthings:

An Update Regarding our Hardware

I’ll leave it to others to discuss other options.

I will say that historically zigbee has been better than Z wave at power usage, which is why zigbee battery powered sensors tend to offer shorter reporting times, because they can still make their batteries last.


Oh good catch. I didn’t realize the Aeotec was Zwave vs the Smartthings Zigbee. I guess (and maybe just for my purposes) Zigbee is superior. Thanks for the link also but as you mentioned the products aren’t available yet. I am going to return the Aeotec Trisensor since it is unuseable for my case but I’ll give them another shot with the Zigbee sensors when they release.

If anyone else has other suggestions though for what they are using I’m more than willing to try.

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I have recently added Aeotec’s aërQ Temperature & Humidity Sensor to my smart home network and it has been working very well. It’s a Z-Wave sensor, and requires a custom DTH, which can be found here.

If you prefer ZigBee, then maybe take a look at the Aqara Temperature and Humidity Sensor. This sensor also requires a custom DTH, which can be found here. The community thread for the Aqara sensor is here: Xiaomi Aqara temperature/humidity sensors. Do I need a gateway?