SmartThings with Halo Home RL? (Bluetooth lights)

Hello All,
I have been reading for a while now, and just recently I decided to try out ST. While back I remodeled my kitchen with the intent to have most of the kitchen lighting automated. With that in mind, I went to my locale HomeDepot store and order some Halo Home RL which are Bluetooth Compatible (LINK). I like these lights are they have an app which can control them via Bluetooth from your phone, however I want to have ST control them. Here is where I ran into some issues. I have tried multiple ways of connecting ST to those Halo Home lights and so far no luck. I followed these PDF (LINK) and still nothing is happening. I am extremely determined to make these lights work so I wanted to see if anyone else have stumbled with these lights.

If anyone can run me through on how to connect them that would be great.
If ST is Bluetooth compatible shouldn’t it pick up signal form these lights?
I might need a switch to control the lights, however these lights can change colors, would the switch allow to do this?

How the Smartthings Ecosystem supports Bluetooth differs significantly from Zigbee and Z-Wave. Although the hub has a BT module, it does not support the control of BT devices. BT devices can be added via the SmartThings app, but you can’t do a lot more from there other than whatever control the ST app gives you:

From here:

Note: Bluetooth and LAN devices cannot be included in automations because they communicate directly to your mobile device (not the cloud) and cannot be controlled remotely.

Unless your device opens up an IFTTT (or similar) interface, you’ll likely have to come up with a man-in-the-middle solution.


Paralytic, Thank you for responding.

I am not able to even connect the LED devices to the ST app. I have connected few of Zigbee LED types of lights with no issues, slight modifications to them but overall nothing problematic as these Bluetooth led’s.

Only a limited subset of BT devices can be controlled by the app (eg, Samsung devices). I’m not aware of a list of fully supported devices - I assume you’ll have tried to search for that.