SmartThings WiFi

Hey guys,

I have the SmartThings WiFi hubs in my home, but I also have an awesome Unifi network for my actual internet connection.

Does anyone know how to turn wifi off on these SmartThings WiFi hubs? I don’t see an option in the SmartThings App or the Plume app.

I don’t believe you can. They’re specifically built for mesh wifi. You can turn on/off the SmartThings Hub part.

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Yes you can. I found it I just can’t remember how I did it. Let me have a look.

Edit. So I am pretty sure you turn it off here. Mine looks different as I have mine turned off already.

I don’t see that setting.

It wants me to manage wifi in Plume and I don’t see anything in Plume.

How did you get to that view? Did you just click on the device?