Smartthings WiFi mesh In Norway?

Norway here! Anyone know if the smartthings mesh system will be sold in Norway, I am not able to cover my house with the one (1) I have

No one knows for sure, particularly since Samsung is going to start outsourcing support to Aeotec for the regular hub and it’s not clear if they are going to pick up the Wi-Fi mesh version or not.

I would go ahead and look at other brands, such as TPLink, Orbi, or Eero.

If the issue is that you can’t cover your house for zigbee or Z wave, that’s an entirely different question, and can be solved just by adding regular devices that also repeat, such as plug-in pocket sockets. You don’t need the WiFi mesh system for that.

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Hi and thank you for the reply, yes it is the main problem, I do not think the “things” I have in my system is repeating, at lest not the z-wave products, what products do you recommend with good repeater function? Zigbee mostly from IKEA seem to connect and repeat. The other reason for wanting the mesh is that I want it wireless, not having to pull a cat cable to the hub, but I guess with good repeaters I can move the hub over to my router, as of now it is hanging in the middle of the house to get as broad a coverage as possible :upside_down_face: