Smartthings wifi et-wv525 dead main unit

I have 3 smartthings Wi-Fi mesh hubs. When I installed I added the first unit then added two more, I assume as sub hubs.
My problem is that the first unit I installed has died!
The other two units are operational but connected smartthing devices such as motion sensors, multi purpose sensors all appear offline.
Can I promote one of the sub units to be the new main unit?
Appreciate any help

Just something to consider: if you can do this it will almost certainly be seen as a new hub to the SmartThings ecosystem. Which means you will need to reset all your ZigBee and Z-wave devices and add them as new to the “new” hub.

Given all the complaints about the lack of support I’ve seen here regarding these devices, it might be time to cut your losses and move to a newer hub.

Just my random thought.

Thanks for your reply.
Any recommendations on an alternative.

I can’t really make a recommendation as there are a lot of factors you might want to consider. Main consideration is how many and what type of devices you currently have.

If you want to stay with SmartThings, the only hub available new is manufactured by Aeotec as Samsung has discontinued all manufacturering of the SmartThings line.

My understanding is that the Aeotec hub is the 2018 V3 SmartThings hub with a new logo. To date the SmartThings V2, SmartThings V3, and Aeotec hubs are getting maintenance in a timely manner.

There are other hubs and ways to do home automation. Hopefully others will chime in with alternatives.

Thanks :pray:
My primary setup is smartthings with sensors and the like.
Looks like it’s Aeotec!
My 2 remaining hubs (mesh st wifi) are working but purchased about the same time so only matter of time before they fail too.
I could factory reset one and start over but may as well buy a new Aeotec and save time going through the same hassle in a few months.
Thanks again

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Seems like a plan.

Probably also time to plan for a new WiFi mesh system.

I bought an eero system 4 years ago when we moved into this home. It was one of the only available at the time. While it’s been a solid performer I think it’s one of the more expensive alternatives. Also on the downside, for me, is that summer of the advanced capabilities require a subscription.

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