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Smartthings wifi: 2nd generation (ET-WV525KWEGUS)

(Jimmy) #21

You have to use the new app for setting up SmartThings WiFi. There is no migration tool.



The new app does migration or there is no migration and I’ll need to rediscover everything and retype all animations and routines and smart home monitor?


(Jimmy) #23

The later…



I wish there were a “print programming” button to print out what’s in the hub and cloud!!


(IG) #25

ok, I got the new wifi 3 - pack.
I did try to expand current Connect Home Pro- Impossible. Need to setup new wireless and smartthings wifi creates new HUB under same location. To move devices from Connect Home to new HUB - as we know Impossible.
I’ll think for coming day or two what is better for me: to connect second connect home pro (need extra coverage for Backyard) or to jump to new system and rebuild everything from scratch again.

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(Scott Chapman) #26

I think there will be significant advantage going to the new system. I would be considering it if they support wired backhaul (which they don’t) and if there was a migration option for the hub (which there also isn’t).



Gosh, even a “backup to cloud” followed by “create new from cloud”. Why is that difficult for Samsung to implement?

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(Scott Chapman) #28

I know! Right? That’s one of the benefits of being in the cloud; nothing really is on the hub…


( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #29

Not nothing, unfortunately.

The encrypted keys / device ids are exchanged “in hardware” between joined Things and the Hubs. I don’t know the exact details (though I wish SmartThings or other ZigBee & Z-Wave experts would tell us); but this is for security reasons.

There is a Z-Wave method of migration to a secondary controller (etc.)… but I have not heard of the equivalent for ZigBee…

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(Scott Chapman) #30

I would be fine if all I lost were my zigbee devices (0)

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Even with NO migration app or tool, I would still need step-by-step instructions to implement SmartThings wi-fi mesh. Same if we sell this house, I would need step-by-step instructions to create the new owner’s SmartThings account and turn over the hub.


(Greg) #32

eh screw it. I just bought this.

I’m a ST v1 hub user and have been in the market for quite awhile for a mesh wifi system. (Plume was my top choice) This killed a lot of birds.

Will let you know how it goes.


(Levi) #33

So with the new Smarthings WiFi you cant use the current Samsung connect home as a satellite unit and the new WiFi box as the primary unit? I don’t have my Samsung Connect Home set up as the smartthings controller since I have the ADT panel but it would be nice to get the Plume functionality by just adding a single Smartthings WiFi as the primary WiFi hub.


(IG) #34

its incompatible… connect home can’t be extended by new wifi, so i’m thinking to add a new connect home pro for mesh with current one. i assume that new wifi can’t be extended with connect home either.


(Scott Chapman) #35

Yea it’s a totally different architecture.

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(Levi) #36

Thanks! I figured it was but wanted to check.


(James) #37

OMG, shoot me now. The thought of moving all my devices over to a new hub.

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(Scott Chapman) #38

I know! Right?

It’s a little weird because it blocks their existing customers from being able to buy new hardware!


(Wei Wu) #39

what is the hardware difference between the smartthings wifi and connect home in terms of the wifi part? I feel like maybe only the software are different. Samsung just want to sell its new product, so they don’t want to make it compatible with the previous generations.


(Scott Chapman) #40

Not sure what the diff is with the hardware. But the big improvement is the software; using Plume to manage the network. Similar to how the Google Wifi (which I am currently running) works.

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