SmartThing's V2 Review

I recently reviewed the SmartThing’s V2 Hub.

SmartThings v2 Review

Would appreciate any feedback from the community and any future review request.


Cool to see how you integrated various devices - not a bad looking casa either! I bet you almost lost your mind when SHTF a few days ago! :wink:

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I want to give review, before you buy it make sue what application you are using it for, I will tell why it great device but it has couple issues

  1. The device it not liable if you lose internet connection, it talking to you zwave devices though cloud (cloud processing), it not internal storage processing
  2. If you do a lot Work configuring you zwave devices, adding device and programming, at the end if something happen to SH you will lose all you hard work, the SmartThings doesn’t have backup and restore
    So think before you buy it.
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I was hoping these two issues would be resolved from my review nearly two years ago…but we are still waiting!


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