SmartThings to VoxCommando to Sonos integration

Hi, quick question regarding this. I hit major issues with my zwave network when I had just one sonos device or DNLA device connected via ST.

So I am now offloading all this work from the ST hub and letting one of my servers run VoxCommando.

So what I have created so far is a device handler that you just need to specify the IP of the VoxCommando and the device handler has an announce(“message here”, volumelevel) function which can be utilised from Rule Machines expert features.

When the delaybetween function is fixed it will then support sonos groups to notify through all players etc…

So I don’t control in any way the sonos’s from ST just use it for notifications. VoxCommando then does the play text and resume and this resumes at exactly the point the song was paused for the notification.

I also now use a voice from CereProc which is excellent for us non US users as we have regionalisation of voices via this method. For all you Lancashire bods like me Cereprox are selling their Claire From Lancashire voice for only £10. There’s nowt like a local accent for your house :slight_smile:

So my question is it’s very rough and is at the moment hardcoded for my environment. This might be a very specific use case and I could Generalise it for everyone, but before I potentially waste my time I was wondering if there is any demand for this to be publicly released?

Hi, I am a user of of VoxCommando. I don’t have a Sonos. But I would certainly like to see how you have intergrated the two.

Best wishes.

@foggy sure my current device type code is as below, as stated it is very rough and hardcoded for my environment, but the basics of the device type could be used for other ST to VoxCommando integration.

the only requirement on the VoxCommando side is that you install the TCP plugin and you enable the Simple Web Server

you then just need to configure the IP and Port number in the device type to point to the same port and away you go. just change the web requests to whatever plugin and function you need.

also there is a parse section where i receive the psuedo XML reply, and other than ensuring HTTP code 200 is recieved and logging the reply i don’t do anything with it yet. but you can get info back into ST this way.

its still a little but flaky at the moment because of an issue with the Delay between issue on ST. but once fixed you could add in the photo’s for

my biggest issue with the sonos integration is that i only want to send notifications to all my speakers around the house, i’m not interested in controlling sonos necessarily but for example this same method could be used to trigger and stop a playlist from ST also, the only real deficiencies are at the moment i cannot get back the current queue state or the groups status. if there was i could devise a complete replacement for Sonos with the same or better functionaility than is currently the case.

if anyone else was interested the new beta of voxcommando makes this uber reliable with the latest code on my github. I have changed the device to conform to the speech synthesis capability. but as there is only 1 other person which clicked on the link i am presuming there is no demand for this which is suprising seeing how unreliable ZWave gets when there is Sonos or DNLA devices integrated with it :slight_smile:

Just saw this. I need to spend some time and play with it. Does it work with the usual tts weather app and big talker.

the newer version on my github should be seen as a speech synthesis device. I’ve never used the TTS weather app or big talker so cannot comment. But if they support speech synthesis i don’t see why not

Sorry for the delay Stuart. Thank you for the update. Still have not got a Sonos, but will try it out as soon as I do.

Best wishes.