SmartThings Status Page Updates

On Wednesday, July 17, 2019, we will update the components of our status page to categories that better reflect our current platform. The new components will be:

  • Hubs, Devices, and Automations - Connectivity and control of Hubs and devices and automation access and execution.
  • Mobile App - Access to SmartThings mobile app.
  • Developer Tools - Access to Developer Workspace
  • Platform APIs - Core APIs for SmartThings Locations and Devices
  • - SmartThings websites, including the Community and Knowledge Base.

If you have subscribed to all changes on the status page, you will continue to receive your notifications normally. You can also check your subscribed components - just visit, click Subscribe to Updates, and enter your information to update your preferences.


Is there a JSON REST interface to this status website that could drive a SmartApp or WebCoRE Piston? Would be great to put some smartthing around this. :wink:

You can subscribe on that page for email updates. :sunglasses:

Yup. I did that.

But hoping to put automation around status. Email doesn’t get that done.

Why not? You can parse the email…

Sure. And I could also scrape and parse the status website if I wanted a little less pain. Again, that doesn’t answer the question/request of asking for a JSON REST interface or any basic API that doesn’t require an extended amount of busy work for a green/yellow/red light.

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Answering my own question. On inspection they are using Atlassian Statuspage solution. Which conveniently has its own API by appending api to the URL as shown.

Here are some of the parsable json objects:

This is something smart. :smile:


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