SmartThings shows Ecobee Heating when Ecobee isn't

Does anyone know how to fix this?

SmartThings will show that Ecobee is heating when it’s not even running.

From the looks of it as soon as the current temperature drops below the set temperature SmartThings says it’s heating, but it’s really not because Ecobee has an offset in it that it needs to drop by a user set number of degrees before it turns on.

So SmartThings isn’t really actually looking if Ecobee is actually heating or not.

I want to turn on a blower fan with a smart plug when Ecobee is heating but I need to know when the Ecobee is actually running, not just when the temp drops a little bit below the set point.

For now I’m using the Ecobee Suit Manager Smart app which actually looks at the Ecobee and it works, but trying to figure out why it doesn’t work with the normal Ecobee integration to SmartThings.

Any ideas?


What are you using for the app? Ecobee (Connect) or a third party (like Ecobee Suite).

Ecobee Connect is the ones that shows heating as soon as the current temp drops below the set point but Ecobee hasn’t actually turned on because it needs to drop 1C below, not just 0.5C

The Third Party app (Ecobee Suite) is the one that works correctly.

I didn’t read far enough. Whoops. Hate it when people (me) do that.

hahaha, no problem :slight_smile:

Why not just use that? That’s one of the reasons why I use a 3rd Party App as well.

When SmartThings discontinues IDE I’m assuming it won’t work anymore until it gets remade for whatever new system they are brining out and it really should work correctly using SmartThings Connect.

I like having backups for my smart home so when one thing breaks it doesn’t cripple my automations

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