SmartThings Shop has moved

It is now merged with Samsung at

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Well, I guess that makes 4 migrations happening (login, app, and cloud being the other 3).
I didn’t think much about it when their Twitter said this to me the other day

The end of SmartThings as a distinct (but wholly owned) company is getting closer and closer…


wonder when this community will get merged with ?

Don’t Blink @Automated_House, SmartThings may soon belong to Amazon! :joy:

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Not a chance. Amazon didn’t even buy Wink, and that’s the hub they selected for their own smart home installation service.

They choose acquisitions in part for ease of use, since it’s the only way to scale to their volumes. :wink:

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Thanks @JDRoberts,

I needed that laugh first thing Monday morning.

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Anyone knows where fellows up north like me would be able to buy SmartThings stuff as they move to Samsung shop?

For those who are not familiar, SmartThings shop supported shipping to Canada before. But when they move to Samsung shop it’s a complete different story. I just checked Samsung Canada site and they’re only selling Samsung connect wifi modems that have SmartThings built in, and that’s all they have, no devices at all. Sure I may buy devices from Amazon or eBay (if they ever sell them) but price would not be the same as sellers usually jack up the price ridiculously…

I hope Samsung Canada would introduce SmartThings officially to Canada since it’s already part of Samsung now.

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