Smartthings Routine Execution based on sensor value

Hi all,

I am new here so forgive me if my post is not in the good section or if some rules are not respected.

I have modified my air exchanger with a wifi relay board so that I can now control it via Smartthings. This works very well. I have 4 relays that triggers the different operating modes (recirculation, maximum exchange, minimum exchange and off).

My problem is I am trying to create a routine such that when my wifi humidity sensor value is above a certain point (say 50%) I want to turn my “maximum exchange” switch on. This only works if I put another condition along with the humidity value for example:

IF the humidity is higher than 50% and it’s 1PM, then it will trigger perfectly at 1PM.
If the humidity is higher than 50% alone won’t trigger it.

I feel this is because the routine only gets triggered if the value of the sensor is lower than 50% to begin with and then goes over it. I don’t really want that behavior. I want it to start whenever the humidity is at 50%.

Is there a workaround to this ? Only thing I can think of right now is to have 24 routines so that it at least check the value of the sensor every hour.

Ultimately, here is what I want for a logic:
“Recirculation” on at all times if humidity lower than 50%.
“Maximum exchange” on if humidity higher than 50%.
“Minimum exchange” on if humidity higher than 40% but lower than 50%.
“Maximum exchange” between 1PM and 3PM regardless of sensor value

Everything works except for the fact that the routines checking the sensor seems to expect a crossing of the threshold in order to trigger.

Any ideas ?