Automatic Routine Using the A/C's Inbuilt Humidity Sensor?

I am trying to create a routine that automatically switches the air conditioner to dry mode when the humidity exceeds 55%.

The only problem is that SmartThings does not appear to have an option to create a routine which reads the humidity from the ACs inbuilt humidity sensor. It only allows you to create a routine based on indoor temperature, wind strength, current mode etc.

The only option I see is to use the current weather info that is fetched using geo location which does not reflect the indoor humidity.

I can definitely read the humidity from the ACs inbuilt sensor in the SmartThings app. It’s just that it does not allow you to do so in a routine.

Is it not possible to use the ACs inbuilt humidity sensor in a routine?

I would try using SharpTools a 3rd party add-on to SmartThings. It exposes more capabilities for use in automations that SmartThings routines.


I use humidity in a number of Sharp Tools rules. They are very simple to use, even for a non-coder like me.


Thanks @KenW48360,

Can you please also suggest how did you setup such a flow on Sharp Tools?
I can see there is a currentMode but not sure what are the valid acceptable values?

I use two rules. One sets the humidity target based on the outside temperature, one turns the humidifier on and off based on the current humidity in the house. The second one sounds like what you need. I have zero knowledge of your setup, but I’d anticipate a routine that looks like:

Sensor: Inbuilt capabilities from your AC system that are shared with Sharptools
Trigger: Humidity >55%
Action: Set Mode to Dry

My Routine looks like this. It runs on a timer that updates states every 5 minutes,