Routine to Replace Webcore using math comparisons to multiple sensors (>, etc)

I am migrating a Webcore piston that used math to multiple routines in the Smartthings app. The purpose of the routines is to interrogate a humidity sensor, check the local weather, and determine if the furnace-mounted humidifier should be on or off.

If the outside temperature is >20deg F and inside humidity is >40%, the humidifier should be off. If the humidity is less than 40% and the temp is >20F, it should be on. Seems pretty simple. These are duplicated for different temp ranges (<0, 0-10, 10-20).

I have these routines. The “Turn Off” routine works every time the humidity goes above 40%. The “Turn On” routine never works. Thoughts? If I can’t get this working, then I will explore putting the math function into SharpTools.

Turn Off

Turn On

This probably won’t make a difference, but maybe: I see that both routines use “equal to or”. Try changing the Turn On routine to “below 40” without the equal to.

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Below is not a choice. You can only pick greater than or equal to, or less than or equal to

39 or below then. You can’t have the trigger for turning on be the same as the trigger for turning off. If you do only one will work. I am doing essentially the same thing with my dehumidifiers in the summer. I have the additional precondition that it also be between 7am and 7pm.

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