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Smartthings Roomba Control via Thinking Cleaner Version 1.5.1 Released


(Gene) #153

I am getting a ‘failed to save page: pageInfo’ error when I try to setup the SmartApp with Notify when on and Notify when off. Any help is appreciated.

(Jeff Poole) #154

I have now got my roomba hooked up and was having similar problems. I could only get the smart app to save when I was working in android. Nothing I did would make it save in the ios version.

The problem I’m running into now, is that it seems the roomba goes into some type of sleep mode. When I try and start a cleaning cycle when the roomba is in this state, I get an error and says the battery is 0%. The only fix for this seems to be starting the roomba using the thinking cleaner app, then refreshing in smartthings.

Are there steps I am missing or is this just how the device functions?


I see the same issue, although selecting Clean twice works. I often execute the command using Amazon Echo, but have to say “Alexa, turn on Roomba” twice there too. I was trying to figure out a way for the Clean command to detect if cleaning actually began and issue a second command if it hasn’t, but I’ve been unsuccessful so far.

Also, if anyone figures out how to turn off the battery notification when it reports 0% I’d be interested.

(sidjohn1) #156

Unless the issue is effecting me which neither issue is, it not a priority unless you have payed for support.

(Jeff Poole) #157

I definitely don’t mind donating, that isn’t an issue at all and I completely understand. I guess my question would be if you aren’t experiencing the issues how would we go about getting them fixed? I like what I’ve seen so far — makes it very easy to control my roomba based on modes — I work from home a good amount, so having it only run when away is fantastic.

I think the issues are related — the roomba seems to be sleeping and when you first hit clean, says there is an error and I receive a notification that the battery of my roomba is 0%. This seems to “wake it up” and then turning on clean again seems to work just fine.

Like I said, no problem donating/helping out, just would like to talk through things beforehand.

(sidjohn1) #158

If it’s on the charger, it shouldn’t be sleeping or off. The smartapp polls the roomba every hour and so it’s info should be roughly current. The code and logs are freely available to you. If you have reccoemendations on how to make the code better i’m all ears. All the free time i have for this project is in the code, i don’t have any free time for more that that.

Troubleshooting is how you fix issues for others that you aren’t experiencing yourself.

(Sid) #159

Just found this article:

Doesn’t look like its integrated with Smartthings or has any kind of wifi support.

(Jason) #160

(Sid) #161

It’s been a coming feature for a long time now. Saw a Samsung Smart Home video sometime last year in which they did show an integrated robo vac, at least that is what they said. I am not waiting for it though, my Roomba with thinkingclean works just fine with the app by @sidjohn1

(Eric) #162

I have the same issue, except pressing Clean twice doesn’t seem to run,when I try to run it outside the LAN.

(sidjohn1) #163

I want to make sure I understand this correctly. When you are at home and press clean… it works. When you are not home you have to press clean 2x?

(Jeff Poole) #164

I’ve been talking with the people over at thinking cleaner and it may be an issue on their end. I do have a newer roomba and set it up in their web interface to the correct series (600 2015) but am still seeing issues. They are looking into them now and I’ll report back here what I find. From initial discussions, it seems that it may be an issue on their end with newer roombas behaving differently than slightly older ones.

(Benji) #165

From what you describe I think I have a similar issue but I’m on an 870 (and it’s set to the 800 series) so it’s interesting that Thinking Cleaner may have discovered the issue.

To be honest, their native app is pretty bad… People think the ST app is bad… they should try the Thinking Cleaner app…

(Brian Diehl) #166

I’m on a 650 and don’t have that issue. I bought it in March of 2015.
Mine doesn’t seem to update that it has changed its state to OFF when it stops running, but all I have to do is tap the switch on SmartTiles and that corrects (it doesn’t fire up the Roomba to run again). The next time I tap it to clean, it’s fine. First time, every time (although I don’t send it often from the Things list in ST, I did just confirm it to work properly two times quickly for both Clean and Dock).

(sidjohn1) #167

That’s a poll issue, it should of been fixed in the 1.5.1 version of thinkingcleanerer.

(Brian Diehl) #168

I’m on 1.5.1 for the app and 1.4.2 for device handler.

For some reason I feel like this only started happening once I went to 1.5.1.

EDIT: I have dropped back to 1.5 and will test this when I leave for work to see if it has the same polling issue.

(sidjohn1) #169

You may need to reinitialize (open the smartapp on your phone and hit done) the smartapp.

If you are still having issues on your next cleaning cycle pm me your app logs. Considering scheduler death is an ongoing platform issue, there is only so much a smartapp can do to mitigate the issue.

(Brian Diehl) #170

I think going up to 1.5.1 and re-initializing the app resolved it.
I had been just using my SmartTiles dashboard to start the Roomba so I wasn’t going into the smartapp for any reason as it was set up a few months back.

I just ran a clean cycle and when it docked I checked the logs. All the commands I expected to see were sent and switching over to my SmartTiles view showed the Roomba as OFF. It showed properly in the Things list as well.

(Eric) #171

I don’t have a thorough list of symptoms yet. I’ll update the following when I do more tests:
When away, The ST roomba battery indicates 0%. The TC-phone-app indicates --%, charging, docked, and cloud. Pressing the The ST-devices

Pressing the TC-phone-app starts a 1-minute countdown and flashes “cleaning” then after 1 minute, then the TC-dashboard …TBD

LATER EDIT (LIKE 3 WEEKS!) … Sorry about my slow response. The most obvious symptom was 0% or “–” battery status - not a ST/sidjohn1 devicetype problem since “–” was also shown in the ThinkingCleaner phone app and website portal. I restarted remotely 1,2,3 times today and at some point it cleared up and battery started reporting again. I think a battery remove/replace might have achieved the same effect. The TC site may have updated their end or updated the TC interface firmware, or both - don’t know.

(Greg) #172

Minor request, I hope.

Is there a way to make it so that when the Roomba is docked and charging, the tile is set to the off state in the main things/rooms view? So instead of it being green and saying “clean” it would be grey and say “docked”.