SmartThings Roomba 700 & 800

Hi All –

There’s a thread elsewhere about SmartThings/Roomba integration for the 500 & 600 series where this topic came up, but with about 2 weeks left for their KickStarter campaign, I figured it was worth mentioning that something similar could exist for the 700 & 800 series.

Full disclosure: I love my R890 and already chose to back the project. Getting seamless integration with ST would awesome (there’s a somewhat dirty way to do it already), and I figure there’s other people around here who probably feel the same. If you do, then it’s worth considering being a contributor to their campaign. Cheers!

The same devicetype that works for the 500/600 will also work for the 700/800. The only thing missing get it to play with SmartThings is the $$ to kickstart the device into existence. Fingers crossed for funding!

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Any updates on this? I’m planning on purchasing either Roomba 770 or 880. I’m an active user of SmartThings and it would be really awesome if any of these models can work with it.

I currently own the 650 and it works pretty awesome!

Sadly, the Kickstarter was not funded :frowning:

From what I remember, the latest Roomba (900 series?) has an app to control the device. No official integration with a HA system though…

Samsung’s robot vacuum can connect to ST, but it’s considerably more expensive than a 700 or 800 series Roomba at this point.

Works just fine with ST and has been for a while with 650’s, 700’s and 800 series Roombas, using @pmjoen’s DTH and SA :