Smartthings presence working intermittently after working fine for a year (June 2019)

Even though Life360 shows me as home and smartthings shows me as home, for some reason it does not always set off my Home routine. It has worked fine well over a year and just started this in the last month or so. Sometimes it does work correctly but it appears to happen more often than not. It also effects my Ecobee which is not tied to my home routine but is run through Smartthings.

No answer, just commiserating.

I just use my Android phone as presence, without Life360. Phone presence is supposed to set mode to Home, absence sets to Away.

I’m seeing the same thing recently. I will intermittently find that SmartThings is still in Away mode but also shows the phone as present.

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My Android presence has been flaky. I couldn’t get it to show me at home today even after reboot, clearing cache and other tricks. Finally setup as a new presence on my phone and deleted the old one.

My Life360 presence seems 100% reliable and I haven’t noticed any failed home/away routines using that.

I also noticed in recent weeks my Android presence suddenly arrives at home even when I’m at work. I occasionally VPN to home from my phone so wondered if that was related. Though every time I check, my phone location shows me in the right location. Seems to be very specific to SmartThings, not the phone.