SmartThings Plug (7A-PL-Z-J3) appears as LDS Outlet and not working

I’m trying to add a new SmartThings Plug (7A-PL-Z-J3) to my hub. I can add it via app but it appears as “LDS Outlet” and the status says “Checking…” with no controls available.

On the ST website, I’ve tried to change device type from “placeholder” to “Zigbee Metering Plug” but, as it didn’t have the “Device Network ID”, I wasn’t able to save it.

I have 12 SmartThings plugs in total and all happily paired with the ST hub. This is the only one I’m having an issue - anyone had the same issue? I’ve tried to reset (press-plug-release) a few times and also tried with different phones.

You can’t change the device type when it is paired with Placeholder as Type. Placeholder is used for Edge drivers or cloud-to-cloud integrations using the new architecture. Once the device is using an integration from the new architecture, changing it to a groovy device type may break the integration altogether

For Edge Drivers, you can open the device in the app, click on the 3 dots in the upper right of the screen and you will see Driver in the list. Select it to get more details on which Driver it is using. There is an optional driver to check out that you can check out to see if it works better for you. Once you subscribe to the developers channel and enroll the driver, you can switch it from the place I mentioned above in the app.

since you changed the device type in IDE, you will need to remove the device and pair it again.

The references I’ve seen to them suggest they identify as an LDS ZB-ONOFFPlug-D0005 so ‘LDS Outlet’ is to be expected with the stock Zigbee Switch Edge driver. The puzzle is why it isn’t working with what should be the correct driver for it.

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Thanks for your reply. I guess the problem is neither app nor IDE show a correct driver for this particular stock plug. I bought 12 directly from Samsung and 11 paired fine…which make this plug a very strange one!

Just reset everything and paired again and that’s what I got…

Try rebooting your hub in IDE. While I do not believe it will resolve the issue, it would not hurt to try.

For devices using edge drivers, in IDE the type is not relevant.
The Name indicates the driver profile that the device is using.

You can also try installing the Zigbee Thing driver on the hub, which is on the smartthings beta driver channel.
Make a driver change to zigbee Thing on that device
Close app and clear cache
Open app and change controller back to Zigbee Switch

Thanks for the suggestion. Actually it did fix the issue (I think)!

Although I can now control the plug via app, this one is definitely different (at least by the look of it) compared to the all other stock plugs I have in IDE. I guess it’s all down to the Edge drivers…:s