Smartthings + Osram Lightify / Standard Dimmable LED : Which Switch?

Hi All,

I’m really new to the automation scene - so please excuse the noob question if already answered.
I’m based in the UK and looking to set up the following lights:

  1. Osram Lightify GU10s for the bedrooms

  2. Standard Dimmable GU10s for the staircases/landings - with 2 way switches

  3. Step lighting (either strip or small led spots)

  4. Please could someone advise which UK sized smart dimmer wall switches I can use to control the Lightify lights on the wall; in addition and in parallel to using the Smartthings app? I will have non tech savvy visitors, so want to allow for an intuitive simple way for them to control the lighting in the rooms without resorting to smartphone apps. At the same time, I’d like to use the smartphone app to control the Lightify GU10s when I’m using the rooms. I have considered RF lightwave switches - but understand that the integration with Smartthings is poor. Ideally would like something that looks smart and modern; fits within standard UK sized backboxes and also fully compatible with Smartthings. Any leads/ suggestions will be very gratefully accepted!

    1. Ditto for Staircase lighting - with the only difference being the GU10 lights and strip lights I would fit here are not smart / wifi / z-wave enabled. They are potentially just dimmable GU10s. Which smart switch could I use to control these lights, again UK spec and fully compatible with Smartthings?

Many thanks folks for reading through this post!

Look forward to your suggestions.


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Did you ever get an answer to this?

have you considered using the lightify bulbs within the philips hue ecosystem?

i initially wanted to avoid hue and purchased lightify bulbs but was then rather disappointed by the lightify app and lack of switches, etc.

i eventually purchased a cheap hue hub and then used all of my lightify bulbs with hue meaning that i can use any combination of hue switches, the hue app, smartthings and the amazon echo to control my lightify bulbs.

this hue switch is great in that you can mount it on the wall, remove it and carry it round the house with you or use the magnet to attach it to a fridge or something light that.

hope this helps.