Smartthings Motion and Xbox One Kinect

(Patrick Stuart [@pstuart]) #1

I have a Smartthings Motion Sensor in a room with an Xbox One Kinect and the Motion Sensor says it is always detecting motion. Could the IR from the Xbox One be interfering with the ST Motion sensor?

If I move it out of the room, it works fine.

(Brian) #2

Given you have moved it out and it works fine, its certainly possible.


PIR - AKA Passive infrared sensors are pryoelectric devices that are optimized to detect Mammalian body temperatures (around 300 K ) , thee warm bodies emit light at around the 10um to 14um wavelength range. Some people call this the “mid Infrared” but the trend is towards using the term “Thermal InfraRed” or TIR.

The IR LED you are using emits probably around 900 nm -> 750 nm - so close to 1um in wavelength. Some people call this “Near IR” but those people also tend to call 2 - 4 um wavelngth range the “Mid Infrared also”. Confusing? yep. It comes from a different historical use. One from the military one from chemistry/astronomy.

So you are at least a factor of 10X away in wavelength terms. And a LED emits light in a very, very narrow band of energies (it is an electronic effect after all)


Try putting the motion sensor off-plane from the kinct. Maybe put it right beside it pointing the same direction, or just behind it on a window sill.