SmartThings momentary push switch

I am trying to make a momentary virtual switch to use with action tiles. I am using a fire tablet 7 as a control center for smartthings and i want to add the switch to arm and disarm smart home moniter.

have you seen this article on the ActionTiles site?

Use SmartThings Home Monitor with ActionTiles / ActionTiles Knowledge Base / AT Support & Ideas

I tried that and it didnt work. i couldnt set it to a momentary button so it kept running the routine but i only need it to run once.

Are you using the three virtual switch and six Automation approach, as suggested on the ActionTiles site? If you are and find you end up in a loop you could try the Simulated Switch handler instead of Virtual Switch. They have slightly different behaviour and some recent changes to how Automations are implemented seems to have caused problems for many Virtual Switch users.

If you just want to arm and disarm STHM from ActionTiles and don’t care about seeing the current status, you can do the job with just three momentary buttons and three Automations.

I use Anidea for Virtual Button but then I would because I wrote it. I do have a companion handler that extends the momentary action to a switch but that wouldn’t gain you anything as it is just as easy to detect a button push as a switch turning on or off.


how do i add that to smartthings?

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It’s a custom DTH. See the FAQ for terms, concepts, and process. (The topic title is a clickable link)

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@orangebucket , I was able to add the “Anidea for Virtual Momentary” device handler and make a button, but the button doesn’t actually trigger anything…the status is “offline”, what am I missing? I find it crazy that there really is no momentary button that can trigger another switch, routine, or scene when pressed?

Many developers have stopped working on Groovy DTHs, which include virtual devices, because the free Groovy cloud will be going away soon. Instead, they have started working on Edge Drivers, which are part of the new architecture. There are already a couple of momentary virtual devices available in those if you want to try them, just remember that since Edge itself is still in Beta, so are all the drivers.

With edge drivers, instead of doing a copy/paste or pull from GitHub like you do with Groovy, you subscribe to the developer’s channel, and everything gets downloaded to your own hub a few hours later.

Here’s one. (The topic title is a clickable link.)

And here’s more about the new platform:

I don’t know what has happened there. I just installed one and it looks like:

(The extra actions for the button are a current app plugin glitch).

If you just want a momentary button action my Virtual Button suffices. This one includes other binary capabilities with an active-delay-inactive action. However I now use Todd’s vEdge drivers described in the first ljnk @JDRoberts posted.

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Thanks for this man. I was an old ST V1 dude, and have just gotten back into things w/ a new V3 hub and saw some stuff about groovy going away. Appreciate it.

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Thanks brotha. On to bigger and better things.

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