SmartThings + Keywee smart lock Z-Wave loosing connection and burning batteries since last Connect Home Pro update


I bought 2 Keywe smart locks for 2 different houses. They both worked absolutely perfectly for months with my Home Connect Pro mesh network. Never experienced a single drop of connection until mid/end november 2018 when I believe I accepted an update in the morning on the hubs and RIGHT AWAY after the update of the hubs it broke the connection on both locks. Since then it’s a nightmare my locks barely stay connected 3-6h and burn batteries in matter of days.

I’m running crazy here and both Smartthings / Keywe support aren’t helpful at all answering me once every 5 days with very general basic support options…

I was curious if you had experienced something similar or had any idea oh what I could do to troubleshoot and make an end to this…

Home Connect Pro Hubs:
Hardware version 6
Soft version WV530XXU2ARK1

KEYWE Locks:
Controller version

Thank you so much for your help!

Reboot the hub, exclude the lock, re pair it and do a z-Wave repair. Try adding a repeater within 30 ft of the lock. Solves 99% of connection issue usually.

Thank you RBoy!
Ok so I force delete the device since I wasn’t able to reconnect it to exclude. And I was able to re-add it to the hub. It’s been now 12h straight with no loss of connections, I’m crossing fingers!

Also I’m wondering if I’m not getting issues becase in smartthings i have only one locations with the two mesh networks and all devices mixed in the same location.

I’ve try added a new location but i’m not able to move the things from this location to the other one, any idea how to proceed? ould that be an issue?

Thank you!

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Sorry I didn’t understand what you mean by two mesh networks? Do you have two hubs in a single location?

Location shouldn’t matter. We have multiple locations and hubs in our labs and haven’t noticed any specific issues. Usually it the mesh configuration, hub firmware and hardware issues. For example we suddenly seemed to have an issue with one specific thermostat after a recent firmware update. It turned out that one of the batteries had leaked and corroded a terminal which was creating power fluctuations and would render the thermostat inoperative randomly until it was repaired or reset.

To move device between locations (hubs) you will need to exclude the device from the current hub and then re pair it with the new hub (which may be in a different location).