Smartthings Integration with ADT Vista 20P Alarm Panel

I recently moved into a home that had an ADT Vista 20P Alarm Panel. I didn’t necessarily want to subscribe to ADT’s service, but wanted to be notified of alarm conditions. I researched many options that included adding additional modules to the Alarm Panel. I wanted something relative simplistic using off-shelf components and using Smartthings device and handlers without having to develop custom programs.

What I came up with is adding a Relay and a ForterezZ MINOlite Module. With this configuration, when an alarm occurs the Smartthings App with notify me plus send a text message to my phone. Then I can use the Smartthings App to turn off the alarm. I do have Webcams that I can use to see what is going on in the house.

I used the Siren Alarm output to energize the Relay. One set of contacts on the relay closes and triggers the signal of the MINOlite providing the notification. The MINOlite relay output is wired through another contact on the relay and is connected to a Keyswitch input on the Alarm Panel. I used an unused Zone and programmed it as a Keyswitch. A momentary closure on the Keyswitch input will toggle Arm/Disarm on the Alarm. By wiring it through the Relay, the MINOlite relay will only operate the Keyswitch input in an alarm condition (relay energized). When the MINOlite Relay is triggered using the On/OFF funciton of the App, the Alarm will Disarm stopping the Siren.

Here are the steps that I took.

  1. Set the MINOlite for momentary open (remove P5 Jumper)
  2. Install the MINO device handler: fortrezz : FortrezZ MIMOlite
  3. Create a Thing/Device for the MINOlite.
  4. Created a SmartApps to notify via a Push Notification and to send a SMS text message when the MINO switch Contact Closes.
  5. Wire the relay and MINOlite as per the included image.
  6. Alarm Panel: Program an used Zone as a Keyswitch. *56, Zone Type 77

I hope this helps others with “integrating” an ADT Alarm system into their Smartthings.

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