Smartthings integration for Hombli Smart Plugs?

Hi community
I have a couple of Hombli smart plugs (Link to) which I would like to have connected to Smartthings. Are there any others who would like to same? Is there already a driver existing, maybe over an other company/partner? could not find any until today.

Thank you for your support

Most WiFi devices won’t use Edge Drivers unless they are Matter-compatible. Instead the integration will be cloud to cloud. And because WiFi home automation without matter doesn’t have a standard set of commands, you’ll need to ask the device manufacturer, not SmartThings, to create the integration. But these days most are intending just to add Matter support rather than something specific to SmartThings, so you can ask about that.

Meanwhile: do you use either Alexa or Google Assistant? Either might serve as an intermediary for at least partial integration. :thinking:

I’m using Google Home.

My question was just to have a possible integration like there is for the shelly’s, which are also WiFi devices.

Probably it can also be done with both, Google and Smartthings together, I will have a look.

the official Shelly/SmartThings integration uses a typical cloud to cloud integration.

There is a community-created Edge Driver that runs locally, but Shelly is unusual because they also offer the option to run their devices locally. That’s the option the Edge Drivers are using.

I may have missed it, but I didn’t see anything on the Hombli site about using their devices without their cloud. So I don’t think they have the same options that the Shelley does. :thinking:

Yeah, theee you are most probably right, I’m using the shellys locally, without a cloud connection.

That means, I will exchange the smart plugs with something else.

Thanks you very much.

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What’s the replacement? I want to purchase some and eager to know wich ones are good and recommended for Swiss market

I have now one from IKEA, works fine with smartthings…:ok_hand:

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Did your IKEA outlets pair as a switch or a power outlet @Pascal_Salm ?

It is a bit complicated but possible.

  1. Connect Hombli to the Tuya Smart app by adding a Socket (Wi-Fi).
  2. Create a scene (use “Reverse Switch”) in the Tuya Smart app:
    FAQ: How does TuyaSmart Integration work? (Groovy virtual switch version)
  3. Add the Tuya Smart app in Smart Things.
  4. Configure the socket in Smart Things.