SmartThings Input Screens

(Stephen K Mansfield) #1

Hello…Just got my SmartThings hub and a few devices yesterday. Got them hooked up and working by the end of the day. Today I wrote my first program. So far, so Good. I am writing an application that will fire off some data to a RESTful server when an event occurs. However, I need to get some data from the customer before firing off the HTTP POST. Is there any way to get input from a user when an event occurs? In other words, is there a way to set up a few application specific screens in the SmartThings application that can capture user input as a result of an event (motion, water, etc.) and use that data to build the http strings? The only way I have been able to make something work close to this is to send an sms with a url pointing to JSF website. The user clicks on the url and is re-directed to website that collects the data and fires it off to the REST web service application. It works but working with sms takes me outside of the smatthings application. Ok but not a seemless user experience. Any ideas?

Best Regards,
Steve Mansfield

(Stephen K Mansfield) #3

Yes, that is correct. I want to set up one or two screens that I can use to gather customer data before firing off the http.

(Bruce) #4

It’s not possible to get any user interaction in the SmartThings mobile app except through the Preferences of a SmartApp, when that app is installed or updated (gear icon). Events cannot lead to user interactions within the mobile app, although you’ve already figured out that you can do things outside of the mobile app.

(Stephen K Mansfield) #5

Hello Bravenel,

Thanks for the info. I was coming to your conclusion as well. I was able to get the preferences to accept html input. However, that would not really work in this user scenario. I guess I will just push an sms from the smartthings app with a url pointing to a website. I will collect the data at the website and then fire off an http to the REST web service.

Best Regards,
Steve Mansfield

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #6

What about using a Virtual Device for the interaction part?

Controls are limited and you can’t jump right to the Tile, but SmartApps could interact with the settings made to the controls on the Tile…

It’s pretty weak option.