SmartThings Hub vs Ecobee 3 - Default Scheduling Question

I’m new to the Smart Home and Automation game.

I have a SmartThings Hub v2, an Ecobee 3, and some CO/fire sensors.

I setup a schedule in my Ecobee 3 a few months ago, but I’d prefer the newly acquired SmartThings schedule to override the Ecobee schedule. How do I go about doing this?

You just set it up as your routine. I have the Ecobee 4 and I have a sleep schedule in it but when I leave, come back, or go to bed, Smartthings overrides the temperature on the thermostat. Your thermostat will show something like “*77 and holding”, and the 77 would be whatever temp you programmed for that routine.

Something I did notice is that if you have the vacation set for a period of time, Smartthings will not override your temperature setting while you are in vacation mode. If you come home early, you have to turn it off, which is just deleting your vacation entry.

So the ST Hub overrides the Ecobee schedule unlesss the Ecobee is in vacation mode?

If I set my Ecobee to say, “77 and holding” will the ST Hub continue with what I have told it to do?

Yes, that is correct, Smartthings overrides the Ecobee schedule except in vacation mode.

Thanks. Waiting for this week’s cold weather to see if this works.