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(Paul) #874

You can use the ST branded Open/Close and Motion sensors with any hub that supports the Zigbee HA standard.

Good luck out there… it’s the wild west of DIY Home Automation these days. Every platform has problems. What keeps me on ST is the community.


(Octoxan) #875

What scares me away from ST is the lack of official support. They’ve come to the conclusion that my network must just not be set up well.

My Nest works 100% perfectly. Every internet connected device I own that is not managed by the ST hub works 100% perfectly. Every room has Zigbee devices… Open/Close on every windows, Motion in every room, bulbs in every room. No network issues. I’m thinking they just want to put the blame on me. While everything else here works perfectly, I’d say ST works about 50% of the time… which granted… is higher than it was a couple months ago when it all seemed to be possessed.

All I want is:

Bulbs that turn on when there’s motion, off when there’s no motion.
Bulbs that turn off when I go to sleep or leave and on when I get home.
My door lock to not randomly unlock in the middle of the day when nobody is home.
My window open/close sensor to not randomly say it’s opened and closed. (The connectors are touching.)

Don’t need IFTTT support, just need the basics to actually function.

Not sure if I should switch now or wait and see if Hub 2.0 actually solves any of my problems…


(Kyle ) #876

@octoxan - may just be a faulty hub somehow maybe from shipping or summet . . . The proof is in the pudding here, that 99.9% of us dont have that scale of an issue that the whole system doesnt work 50% of the time . . .



If all your zigbee devices work fine with other controllers, it could be the zigbee channel setting your particular ST hub V1 came with. This is randomly set at the factory and unfortunately cannot be changed afterwards.

Haven’t heard one way or another if the V2 hub will allow a zigbee channel change or not. The Hue Bridge does, for example, but not all zigbee controllers do. It can help in dealing with local interference issues, though.

Even better is an autochannel option where the controller selects the best channel to use. But again, no idea if the V2 hub will have this.


(Paul) #878

Sorry to hear you’re having so many problems. My system is largely z-wave, not zigbee, so it’s not totally comparable… but I certainly don’t have problems as frequently as you do.

I’m sure support has talked to you about this, but if all you have in your system is zigbee bulbs and zigbee motion sensors, you don’t have any devices in your system that repeat commands. So instead of having a robust mesh, you have a weak mesh. Try adding some plug-in devices.

For your lock (which I assume is z-wave), try moving your hub closer (within a foot) of the lock, and then excluding and adding it to your mesh again. Once that is complete, move your hub back to its normal location. If you still have problems, try adding some z-wave repeaters between your hub and your lock.

For your door and window sensors, try introducing a small (3-4mm) gap between the magnet and the sensor. Most sensors tell you the magnet should not come in direct contact with the sensor.



Most zigbee bulbs do repeat. ZLL bulbs like Hues typically repeat for other ZLL bulbs, and ZHA bulbs like Osram Lightify typically repeat for other ZHA devices.

Check with the manufacturer to confirm for any specific bulb.


(Ray) #880

I did have similar problem with zigbee bulbs and motion sensors. I moved all my bulbs to hue bridge and all my motion sensors and bulbs are now working 100% of the time. Except the sunrise sunset but that’s a different can of worm. Too bad we couldn’t change the hub channel like @JDRoberts mentioned above. Pretty sure that’s the cause of my problem.


(Paul) #881

I stand by my point that @octoxan’s ZLL bulbs (assuming they are Hues or Links) are likely not contributing to the overall strength of his mesh. If the bulbs aren’t turning on when there’s motion, that sounds like a mesh problem. The only way to overcome interference on ST, in my experience, is to strengthen the mesh.

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Strengthening the mesh is always good. Removing the source of the interference can also help. I have a WiFi booster. If I put it on one wall, all the zigbee devices past that point lose contact with the ST hub. If I put the booster on the opposite wall, no problem.

It is also possible for two zigbee networks to interfere with each other. So changing the channel on the Philips bridge may reduce interference with the ST zigbee net.

There are lots of possible answers, you just have to experiment to see what’s happening at your particular location. Or borrow a directional sniffer from someone. WiSpy is a good one, but it costs about $900.

You can tell what zigbee channel your ST hub uses in the IDE.

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(Benji) #883

In case you guys missed it in the version 1.7.5 Android release notes thread, @ajpri posted this YouTube video…

Also note that they are announcing some sort of GitHub announcement in two days… Could be V2 hub at the same time but nothing to suggest that’s the case.


(Austin Pritchett) #884

Thanks for sharing the video! Can anyone on iOS or Windows Phone confirm similar screens?

I have a gut feeling that if it were to come out this week. Tuesday or Wednesday would be strong contenders. SmartThings is planning something huge real soon.


(Tom forti) #885

I can confirm that the update on July 28 for version 1.7.4 on iOS is indeed the v2 hub. I just had to log out make a fake account and than it shows this video. Doesn’t even have an option to show v1 hub connection. So I think it’s safe to say that the new hub is being released and if they have this video showing, I bet it’s a good chance it can be ordered tomorrow!!

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(Tom forti) #886

I wonder what the USB ports can be used for


(Anthony S.) #887

usb cellular adapters is one thing


(Tom forti) #888

Ahh yes I do remember them saying that would be in v2. I wonder what the pricing plan will be. I hope it’s as good as the new Particle Electron device which is $2.99 a month for 1mb. i mean being it’s only for backup you really wouldn’t need a lot of data use.


(Michael and Jessica) #889

External drives for local storage of video data, offline service updates and other device adapters.


(Anthony S.) #890

I don’t believe they will be offering cell backup… But instead will be allowing you to use your own

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(Joe) #891

I’m probably going to stay on V1 for a while to see if things get better once people jump to V2. I am more excited about the small sensors they’ll be launching.


(Austin Pritchett) #892

The ports are just expansion ports. No reason given but up to the community. More Thing support? Sure. Cellular backup? Alright. USB Phone Connection? Cool. NAS? That’d be sweet! SmartThings proved the possibilities are endless with community support.

I just hope this isn’t announced while I’m at work…



I want V2, Echo support, a rules engine, and a developers Github. Now that would be an announcement! LOL :tada: