SmartThings Hub Version 2.0

Can we get an updated release date? I’m itching to pull the trigger.

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I’d also like to know a launch date. I’m seriously considering moving to Vera.

My trigger finger is itchy too. Would like to get some test scenarios set up so I can learn a little before wiring in the new house is done. What’s the target date, or at least the target month?

So… releasing this month? =)

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I knew that “Get your law degree AND private investigator’s license with what you already know” ad on the Internet was legit!

-btk, PI, Esq.

I’ll still send you a case of beer.


That’s cool! but does that mean that v1 owners won’t be able to integrate with the Echo?

(I’d be disappointed if that were the case, but would still like to know as that’d be a pretty strong incentive for me to try and get a v2 as soon as they’re out)

And I am new to ST & just purchased a ST Hub. Had I known v2 was close I would have waited on my purchase.

if you’re within the return period, you can and potentially should exercise that right as a consumer… and “close” is a relative term, after all, v2 was slated for an early 2Q release, yet here we are, no v2 out nor any specifics on when it will be out other than a matter of “weeks”

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Hub v2 has been close for so long. Don’t fear jumping in. Hub v2 will probably go through so growing pains. I would also expect an upgrade option somewhere down the line. Hub v2 should reduce demand on the cloud which will lower operating costs for ST.

Anyway, welcome to the ST community.


I just had by hub and 2 moisture sensors delivered by FedEx this evening. I found this thread last night. Had I known a version 2.0 was around the corner I would have waited on the purchase. Is it just the hub that is changing or are the SmartSense Moisture sensors changing too? I haven’t even opened the box yet.

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So looks like Multi, Presence, and Motion only will be changing.

That’s what’s been announced so far. New models come out all the time, though, you never know for sure.

No new moisture sensor planned for this upcoming device refresh.

I am new at this so please forgive me if I am wrong, but is this the new Presence Sensor?!/products/smartsense-presence

Yes that is the new one the old one was egg shaped.

Ok, I thought the refresh would be released all at one time. But it looks like they could release the different devices at different times. Has this been stated or confirmed by any one at ST?

The “new” presence sensor is an update to the enclosure. The board on the inside is the same.

We’ve launched the “new” presence sensor quietly as we ran out of inventory of the previous version.

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