SmartThings Hub Version 2.0

Sad day… was looking forward to the v2 Hub

Big bummer on the delay. Pressure will be on for ST to absolutely nail this release or I can see a lot of people jumping ship to Wink.

There’s really not much attractive about that platform other than a cool wall switch… The automation and customization aspects seem really lacking and haven’t changed at all since launch.

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Not sure why people would, Wink reportedly has even more reliability issues, including at the individual device level. See pretty much any published review. And IFTTT for only a very few devices. But a high fun factor in their physical designs, definitely.

Staples Connect is certainly more stable and has local processing now. But they bought that stability by having a very limited set of devices, most at the high end of the cost range for their group. No geofencing, no voice control, no IFTTT. And no ability for custom apps. A good, if stodgy, choice for their target market of small businesses but not a fit for everyone.

Iris seems to have good stability and a lot of device choices, but is still cloud based and has a monthly fee. And as some reviewers have said, they went “broad rather than deep” being not bad at a lot of things, but not great at much either.

Vera has stability issues with each new model for awhile, but then straightens it out. Good for custom coders and especially good for those in Europe. But zwave only, no IFTTT, voice control gets tricky.

Others out there as well, most more for DIY types but without IFTTT.

So lots of competition but each with strengths and weaknesses, no clear winner yet. It really comes down to what your own priorities are.

There’s customer traffic flowing in all directions right now, but I expect to continue to see that for another year or so.


Glad I didn’t wait for v2, knew it was going to get delayed but that is so they can release a great product. I’m glad I went with the staples connect, so far it’s been rock solid, every activity fires everytime and haven’t had to reboot the hub once. Local processing provides for instant notifications. Pretty sure it has IVEE support which is voice control. I have a few “non supported” devices and they work fine, I also got a Lutron caseta switch with a pico remote and that thing is badass and sexy, I might be hooked on Lutron switches, I don’t think ST v2 will have the Lutron chip in it.

IVEE works with Iris, Staples Connect, and SmartThings, among others, but the voice recognition sucks. Many people end up returning it.

Since I’m quadriparetic, Voice control is really important to me, not just a fun feature, so I follow the technologies pretty closely. There’s a good discussion of various options in the following topic. Quite a bit of discussion of IVEE there.

If it can understand your voice, it’s a good solution for those people. But that just turns out to be a pretty small population.

I know 3 people that jumped to Vera 3 because they got tired of waiting. Some people are really opposed to things running in the cloud so the V1 hub just doesn’t cut it.

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I got tired of waiting and tried out OpenHAB. It’s Open-source and can run on a Raspberry Pi or on a full PC or Linux box. It supports lots of stuff including Insteon/X10, Z-Wave, Philips Hue, etc. And it’s all local.

Loving it so far. Just make sure you get the latest version, 1.7. The learning curve is high, but the potential is even higher.



*** This is meant to be a general comment.

Wait for the SmartThings team to release version two, home automation is a luxury. SmartThings is a business and I’m sure if it were your business you would not be in the business of providing handouts. People always feel like they are so special and things should just fall at their feet. The Sun rises and sets on them. Why not let the team develop and release the product when they feel it is ready. I don’t want to be a beta tester and I’m pretty sure that the majority of the SmartThings community would like to wait and support the next hub. The SmartThings staff have provided a lot of information that they did not need to. If you are one of the ones who decides to leave the SmartThings community we will be here when you return :slight_smile:


JD. Add Fibaro Home Center 2 to the list. Though not available in US as of now. 749$ and the lite version is 279$. Not sure anybody in US is running these.

How does this communicate with ZWAVE? Is there a hub?

OpenHAB runs on some type of computer, which acts as the hub. Then you attach a device with a zwave antenna to act as the zwave primary controller. Typically this is a USB stick, but it might also be a raspberry Pi daughter board.

Here’s their wiki listing currently compatible zwave sticks:

One of the reasons the learning curve is high is that you’re doing all the hardware integration yourself, down to selecting the antennas.

Absolutely correct. Just want to point out that some type of computer could be a Raspberry Pi, so it’s basically the same size and probably same power use as a SmartThings hub or a Vera.

My next step is actually Hue integration, then Z-Wave. I’m doing it slowly, so who knows, maybe the new SmartThings hub with local control will come out before I’m done.

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Just wanted to rant and this seemed like a good enough thread…

I’ve been super active in the HA community. I wrote tons of code for MCV before ST. I’ve been very fortunate and able to personally contribute to just about every openish HA project I know of, at least financially.

The 2.0 is getting to be a very big deal for me. Everyday sundown is getting worse. ST is clearly acquiring so many users that the platform is stressed. I’ve scrutinized every project in this space and the only thing even close so far is openhab – and they have a long way to go.

I’ve tried my best to hack around a lot of things. I “only” have 180 devices per hub. Maybe that is a lot today but in a couple years time that will seem commodity.

I feel really held back on v1. Maybe I will on v2 as well, but I know right now I’m spending most of my time trying to code redundancy rather than functionality, and I think that is too bad. I can’t trust the state of any of my devices – its a huge bummer.

For @ben and the other folks: I truly feel ST or its successor will be as embedded in our lives one day as Android is today. These days really are the begining of an automation tsunami that isn’t just limited to the home.

Good luck on v2 - I literally cannot wait.



If I understood Jeff Hagins (CTO) correctly on the last Developer Call, Hub V2 is now expected for release on July 1st, 2015, with Beta units already released to internal staff, and other limited release Betas to select customers between now and then.

The Platform on Hub V2 “looks” the same to the user, but runs in the expected distributed architecture (i.e., all SmartDevice Handlers and SmartApps that can run independent of the Cloud, will run in the local Hub V2). This includes scheduling. The Mobile App still requires the Cloud but someday a local connection may be provided. Event logs will still be stored on the Cloud, but these will be in an asynchronous message queue.

The above is highly paraphrased. A recording of the call will soon be posted, I presume, reference:


There isn’t a 3g/4g option with these guys but Ubiquiti Unifi systems are “business class @ consumer prices” and IMHO work way better than anything I have bought off the shelf. I was about to buy one of the $300 Asus routers when I came across these guys doing an Amazon search for price. For less than the wifi router I got a gateway (router) and two access points. Every single Wifi problem I have had in this old house simply went away. Down fall to them is if you want the more in depth features past port forwarding, static IPs, and very basic configuration you must be willing to learn some Command Line Interface stuff. I know CLI but I have only needed to get in there for that twice to troubleshoot not actually set anything up.

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So what is the latest date estimate?

Any chances at a beta program for the community?

Does theV2 hub have a cellular radio? Does anyone know?

No, at least not as last announced. Those are expensive, they are often add on modules, but doesn’t seem to be any plans for one.


What V2 hub? Just a rumor pushed by those who repeatedly claim it will be fixed soon, supported soon, and then break the whole thing with each step they take. Do you actually believe them still?