SmartThings Hub Version 2.0

I ordered mine on 8/18 and I just got the shipping notification this morning. It will be here tomorrow .

Last night I was awakened around mid-night, by a Smart Things notification telling me that my hub was inactive and to check my internet. Checked and the internet was down. QUESTION: Will the new hub V2 keep Smart Home Monitor active and all security devices working to notify me if there is an intrusion or other safety concern. If not, Smart Home Monitor would not be much of a security system. Was not much good last night, with hub V1, with no internet.

They are shipping. I moved all my devices over to the v2 hub last night.

:frowning: still waiting for shipment info…so sad…ordered on 8/18

Anyone interested in a discussion on V1 hub to V2 hub migration strategies? The method outlined by SmartThings here:

Is to start with your exiting V1 hub and delete everything, starting with SmartApps, then Routines, Devices, and finally the Location. Power down the old hub, create a Location in the app, Bring up the new Hub, connect it to the Location then start adding things back starting with zigbee, then z-wave (with all of the exclusions if you didn’t do that during the V1 hub removal), then all of the configuration of rooms, routines, etc etc.

Another approach would be to leave the V1 Hub up and running, and add the V2 Hub as a new Location. Then move devices over incrementally, removing them from the V1 hub and adding them to the V2 hub as you go.

If attempting to replicate the new hubs configuration with what existed on the old hub, the second approach of moving items over while leaving both hubs running seems to make more sense, although having never done it, it’s more of a guess.

For anyone who has done a migration, words of wisdom are always appreciated.

Take a look at this thread:

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My understanding is that at the time of launch only the smart lights solution smart app will run locally. Other things will be added over time.

I have the same concerns that you do:


Turn on gas burner when mobile presence indicates I have arrived. What could possibly go wrong?


The house blows up in front of you?

Not a bad idea. At least a couple times a year we leave the oven on over night and I end up rationalizing the mistake by telling myself its karma for going to Thanksgiving and Christmas at the parents and using their oven for extended periods to make a turkey or ham :smile:

The house does not blow up until you unlock the your automate lock as you approach the door.


I feel certain that as my house blows up my hue lights and WeMo will each trigger with proper status, my Sonos will tell me the weather, and as the flames hit me I will receive an email offering the original exclusive V2 deal.


Your nest protect will trigger your dropcam to record the whole thing for you as well. Luckily this video is in the cloud and will not be incinerated with the rest.


We have an electric GE oven with wireless access. We really like having push notifications. I would like it to interface with SmartThings so I could turn it off if the smoke alarm is triggered.

As far as remote turn on, it has a button you have to press before leaving. However, if you open the door you have to hit the button again. Tried it for the first time on Wednesday. Wanted lasagna ready after a funeral and didn’t know exactly when funeral would be over. Turned out my mother-in-law opened the door before we left which turned off remote access. Failure!

To me the safety button is a pain. The notifications and smoke alarm integration is plenty safe.

Dinner is usually done long before that particular buzzer goes off.

If ever I got an over that I wanted connected it would be this.

Refrigerate my food up until the time it starts cooking.

can someone post pictures of both sides of the V2 circuit board?

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How awesome is that! I’ve always wondered if someone did a refrigerated Crockpot…

Aha - market opportunity!

An Arduino with SmartThings shield, a small stepper motor and a 3D-printed finger - the SmartFinger! (Pat. Pend., Reg. TM, all rights reserved)

An Internet connected solution for all your finger pushing needs!

Brings a whole new meaning to the Internet of Things!

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Nice! I ordered mine on the 18th too but it still says backordered. Looking forward to this arriving so I can finally get started on playing around with this stuff. Been lurking on here since like April shortly after moving into my home.