SmartThings Hub Version 2.0

We expect the price to remain the same.


Or use international mailboxes services available in your country (Buy in US, ship it to a zip mailbox -usually located in Miami- and then bring it to your country). The downside is that you are not able to buy in the ST shop (international credit cards not recognized :disappointed_relieved: ), but amazon works great.

Just got around to trying to order, was busy yesterday… and it is already sold out???

Should be temporary. Check back soon.

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Best Buy distribution? Wow, that’s a big change for ST…


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Any hints to when the UK launch will be Ben?

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So is that a confirm that ST is coming to Best Buy? :smile:

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I assume its part of the Samsung connection to Best Buy.

Probably. I see they are already in the Microsoft Store…

Best Buy and other retail channels would make sense eventually.

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Hope they are ready! I know people have mentioned in other posts, but the concern still remains if ST servers will be able to handle a mass increase in users.


Thanks for the response - I will follow up with April.

Interesting thing I noticed is that soon after I created a new account here, I got an email from SmartThings titled “SmartThings News and Updates: You are now unsubscribed” when I had not submitted such a request (although I did create a new account - separate from the community account - in the ST shop). Anyhow, as a result of my getting somehow unsubscribed from ST newsletters etc, I am not sure if I will even get the v2 invite till April or someone at ST can help sort this out. Very wierd!

I am so happy about this awesome news!

I have to admit, I recently spec’d out a set up that featured the product that sounds like it would be Instantly On, if you see what I mean. I thought I’d wait a week more to see if there was an announcement, and we have an announcement!

Now I just have to see how I can throw rather a large amount of money towards SmartThings even though I live in the Great White North.

Wow we seriously have to pay $100 just to have our systems function like they should’ve originally? This is ridiculous!

SmartThings advertisements are blatant false advertising. My system would never even work long enough to film a commercial. Hub v1 works 50% of the time and now we have to pay $100 just for a functioning smart house.

Tempted to sell my garbage hub and jump ship. The lack of customer appreciation for putting up with this BS for a year is insane. We’ve stuck through a year of garbage and are now being ripped off.

The “special offer” is no more - it’s sold out just 22 hours later. We wait for months to hear something and then act on it within one day of the announcement only to find out that we’re too late?


I feel your pain. I had exactly the same reaction to Apple over the watch. I tried to put in an order at nine in the morning and was told it had already sold out on the very first day. I actually made a complaint and said “yesterday I lreally liked you guys, and today I hate you.” I was so mad!

Since it was a preorder, though, Apple had time to decide what they would do about it and what they did about it was to decide not to sell in stores until they had filled those first day orders. So I ended up getting my watch the same week I had originally expected.

Since smart things is also a preorder, they have plenty of time to decide how they want to handle the situation for those with current V1 accounts. I know it stings now, but at least we can hope that there will be a good resolution.


Thanks, Ben. I’ve sent a message to support about this too.

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With my current rate of one dropping Zwave device a week, I am wondering if V2 is more reliable in maintaining the mesh and managing devices.

If it turns out to be a zwave plus controller, it will have longer range, faster zwave communication and stronger signal than V1. So that would only help. We’ll see.

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