Smartthings Hub offline since 3:47 AM Eastern

As post headline states, I’ve tried pinging, and All are down but there is nothing in the status reports. What’s going on?

I’m not sure what shard you’re on but I’m on Shard 1, V1 hub and everything is working as it should.

Something is definitely wrong! all my z-wave devices are acting completely erratic and now they mostly have all stop responding and the support team never got back with me.

I’m using a v2 hub I’m unfamiliar with shards.

im also using v2 hub

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Smartthings pings that location trying to connect. If you try yourself you’ll see that it’s down.

Okay mine’s using a02-useast1

Sometimes an outage only affects certain Shards so it helps to know which one you’re on.

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Good to know, thank you. Is this why ST team didn’t acknowledge a problem?

I have no idea. I just looked at the status page and it still shows everything ok. Did you email or call? Calling will be MUCH faster to get a response. Email may take days.

Unfortunately it hit when my work schedule just took over my life. Going to have to deal with an outage apparently…I’ll try to get time to call.

It never fails. 1-800-SAMSUNG

You can secure your place in the queue and they will call you back. You don’t have to wait on hold. Also, did you pull the batteries and reboot the ST hub? I would try that first of you haven’t. You could always try and reboot the router too just in case it is confused.

Yes sir, I went through the basic troubleshooting steps before I stated to make an effort to reach out. Your right, every time. Just had a month off it decides to do it now.

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I figured you did. My requests to your URL’s timed out too. Good luck!

Still down…Not sure what’s happening. Reset it last night, direct connection to modem, still solid blue. My router can see the connection attempts but it will not connect.