Smartthings Hub keeps losing connectivity

Ever since the update my smartthings hub keeps getting solid blue lights on the front of it and I can’t connect to it from my phone. It seems that it is actually connected though because I can see that it’s getting information from my devices on the developers web page for my hub.

I haven’t ever set up the ports in a specific way so I would assume all ports on my router are open. I have an AT&T modem and a TP-Link Modem.

If I unplug the network cable and let the blue lights start blinking the lights turn green again.

This morning I couldn’t use one of the main switches in my kitchen until I reset the hub. Very upsetting.

Any help would be useful.

Mine has done the same thing. It doesn’t re-establish a connection unless I do a soft reset (red recessed button). I’ve had to do this two days in a row.
I also have an ATT Uverse gateway.

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Makes me feel better that it’s not just mine. Determined the light switch issue was because I somehow made it so that my Leviton lightswitch was only controllable from the app. Not sure how I did that, but I disconnected it from the hub and got that taken care of.

Mine just started doing this as well. Have done 2 soft resets in last two days. I am on ATT uverse as well. Connected to an asus router.

I’m still having to restart every 12 hours. I have put in a ticket but have heard nothing.

Having same issue and I also submitted a ticket. I also called ATT Uverse and told them about it. Waste of time… They said my ports are opened that my security firewall is as low as possible. Default mode and I also pay $15.00 for a static IP and don’t know if that even works or helps. I hope the guys from Smartthings come to a solution quick. :frowning:

Anyone heard any solution for this. My hub is 400 miles away so pushing the reset button every day is a bit of a hassle. I bought a Neo switch and pulled the batteries from the hub so I can perform a remote power cycle and get the silly thing unhung. It’s sort of a manual version of home automation :frowning:

Also on AT&T but I know better than to call support. They will just walk through verifying the network is OK and then tell me it’s the ST hub since that’s the ONLY thing on the network that’s having any issue staying connected.

Every once in a while I actually get an error on whatever device I’m using from my AT&T router that there is a problem, but usually something will get super laggy or a webpage will time out and then my hub goes offline. I’m getting really sick of having to completely reset the hub every time it loses connectivity. I need this fixed or I’m going to have to find a new hub.

For the tech savvy users;
Can you check to see if the mac address of your hub shows up in the router?

If the mac address is in the router, then record the IP address and check that value against what was the last thing reported to the cloud (displayed in graph/IDE)

Please let me know if you have found that they’re matching after recreating the issue.

To recreate the issue, simply unplug the power from the AT&T modem and then plug it back in, the Hub should go offline and stay that way until it is power cycled.

Please let me know the results and their details.

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I am seeing this same issue after a recent upgrade. Did anyone ever find a resolution?

I used the solution found in this thread and it has resolved the problem I had with smartthings and also one I didn’t realize was related with my smart TV.

@bytorsyrinx Have you disabled the Broadband Status Notification on your router, as described in posts above? That fixed the problem for a lot of people…